Snacks are Essential Food

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September 2010

People the world over have been ingenious in making food into essential snacks. There is an instinctive and practical need for food that stores well, is portable, and provides quick energy. Variety is sought, soft or crunchy, fruity or salty, lean or rich, depending upon mood and activity level. Unfortunately, industrial snack foods deplete energy and well-being with saturated, commonly hydrogenated (trans) fat, excessive poor quality salt, refined sugars, preservatives, dyes, artificial flavorings, additives, and a long list of toxic chemical processing aids.

Enjoyable Real Food

Today, snacking is thought to be a bad thing. This is regrettable and unnecessary, ignoring beneficial snacks like EDEN's that are enjoyable real food that's very good for you. They nourish and energize, but do not deplete. They provide high quality protein, complex carbohydrates, and healthy essential fatty acids (EFAs) containing poly and monounsaturated fat. They are rich in potent phytonutrients and antioxidants, that the vast majority of us do not get enough of. They provide essential fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Their antioxidants subdue oxygen free radicals. Researchers estimate that people need 3,000 to 5,000 Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (ORAC) units of antioxidants daily in order to reach levels that benefit health. It's estimated current intake is only about 1,200 units per day for the average person. EDEN dried fruits offer far more than this per serving, and recently it's been verified that properly grown organic foods are far richer in antioxidants and phytonutrients than commercial counterparts.

Snacks with Many Uses

EDEN reclosable pouch 4-ounce snacks are easy to keep at hand when on the go, at school, work, or home - and they do have many other uses. They are versatile and add dimension to salads, whole grain, pasta, porridge, soups, and stews as a garnish. Include them in making desserts, pastries, breads, granola, popcorn balls, hot cereal, and whatever your imagination comes up with. Choose from ten pure, delicious, and nourishing items including dried wild blueberries, Montmorency tart cherries, cranberries, almonds, pistachios, and pumpkin seeds; plus, nut, seed, and dried fruit mixes. Unsalted or containing a bit of EDEN Sea Salt, all of them are low or very low sodium with no refined sugars, trans fats, preservatives, or sulfites. They contain only the finest ingredients, and where used, only non-irradiated organic seasonings. It's wise to get EDEN snacks in your week's routine to satisfy practical needs, while providing excellent nutrition and vital energy.

Integrity & Purity

All Eden snack ingredients are Eden selected and prepared at our certified organic, Non-GMO, kosher, Michigan headquarters. This facility, including equipment and practices, is inspected and rated ‘Superior’ by AIB International. This is the highest rating for safety and purity in food manufacturing. EDEN snacks are wholesome food of simple, multi-step natural preparation in which we maintain the food's integrity and purity.