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June 2014

Beans are one of the oldest cultivated foods. They are today, an absolutely essential part of a balanced, healthy diet. Our ancestors enjoyed their flavors and versatility, that they stored and travel well, and were always deeply satisfying. The rare combination in beans of high quality protein, low but important amounts of good quality fat, energizing complex carbohydrates, beneficial fiber, and a broad spectrum of minerals and vitamins, including B vitamins, combine to make beans an almost perfect healthy food.

High protein beans all contain some fats, but they are always good-for-you fats, fats that are actually essential to us. Beans never contain cholesterol, but are one of the best sources of fiber that reduces cholesterol levels and helps eliminate damaging free radicals. Their soluble fiber results in a fuller, more satiated feeling, helping to control appetite and reduce weight gain, while the complex carbohydrates provide long-term, steady energy. The insoluble fiber of beans eliminates toxic waste buildup and this helps maintain a proper intestinal acid/alkaline balance or pH and prevent unfriendly microbes from producing harmful substances.

Unfortunately, beans are not at all glamorous and undeserved negative public perceptions have developed such as, beans are poor people's food. Cynical attitudes about beans come mainly from the fact that if our organs are unhealthy and/or not functioning properly, beans can produce intestinal gas. Exacerbating this is the very common and very unhealthy American eating habit of not chewing food well. The chewing of food well makes it much easier to digest and more beneficial in every way.

Beans are loaded with antioxidant compounds, especially anthocyanins, a type of flavonoid. The highest levels of these found anywhere were in black soybeans. Anthocyanins increase the antioxidant capability of the blood. Beans are an important source of two amino acids not found in most cereal grains, lysine and threonine. Beans complement whole grains and together they deliver ‘complete protein.’ Enjoying a variety of beans like organic EDEN Dry Beans and whole grain is a solid step towards a better quality of life.

Trusted American Growers

All EDEN Dry Beans packed in one pound paperboard boxes - Black Turtle, Dark Red Kidney, Garbanzo, Green Lentils, Navy, and Pinto are U.S.A. family farm organically grown by those we know and trust. 100% of EDEN canned beans are also. Canned beans additionally include aduki beans, black eyed peas, black soybeans, butter or baby lima beans, cannellini or white kidney beans, great northern beans, small red beans, and a variety of flavored and refied beans. The decades of vital organic soil management now yield beans with exceptional flavor and nutritional values. We work directly with each of our growers to nurture personal, trusted relationships. Regrettably, foreign supply dominates the vast majority of the natural/organic bean market today and is rapidly taking over in the commercial arena as well. Eden Foods visits our American farmers regularly, we walk their fields, and we pay each farmer directly for their crops. Supporting U.S.A. organic family farms is the best way to ensure organic authenticity, food purity, and sustainable sources of supply for this country and our families.

For years, organic EDEN canned beans have been widely and soundly recognized for their purity and exceptional flavor. Organic EDEN Dry Beans are the cream of the organic bean crop in the U.S.A., they are the same beans that we cook and can for the discerning.

A Common Illusion

It is thought that cooking beans from scratch is difficult or complicated, but it is actually quite simple. They do need cooking time though, so plan ahead, it's worth it. Visit and read Dry Bean Cooking Basics for prep, soaking, and cooking instructions. Each ½ cup of EDEN Dry Beans yields about 1 ½ cups cooked beans.

Beans are extremely versatile and used in cuisines all over the world to make excellent main courses, salads, and side dishes.

The one pound box containing EDEN Dry Beans is made of recycled, recyclable paperboard and comes with complete cooking instructions and a delicious Eden recipe. Visit for dozens of tasty, nutritious free bean recipes. While EDEN Dry Beans do require cooking time greater than opening a can of EDEN cooked beans, there is nothing more comforting than the enticing aroma and delicious flavor of a freshly cooked pot of beans or a hearty bean soup. kosher pareve.