Whole Grain & Bean EDEN Chili

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December 2014

Stew of seasoned hearty ingredients provides enjoyment, satisfaction, and potent nourishment to people all over the world. Chili is one such stew, an American favorite originating in cafes along the U.S./Mexican border in the 1800s. While the Mayan and Aztecs made many spicy stews, the origins of Tex-Mex Chili are hotly debated and opinions are regionally contentious.

The chili competition rulebook and Texas chili purists say that chili is not chili unless it contains only meat and chili peppers, absolutely no ‘fillers’ like beans and tomatoes or any other ingredients are allowed. This spicy meat stew is known as ‘chili con carne’ and translates chili with meat.

Over time chili recipes have progressed and now include ingredients that suit varied needs and accommodate evolved creativity. Today it is common to find healthier options all over the country made of beans, tomatoes, onions, sweet bell and chili peppers, sweet corn, pasta, spices, herbs, and seasonings. The pursuits of healthier eating and options to animal food have increased popularity of ‘chili sin carne’ or chili without meat. New EDEN versions have replaced the chewiness of meat with a variety of whole grain and bean combinations.

Whole Grain & Bean Complete Protein

There are four EDEN Chilies available in 29 and 14.5 ounce BPA Free lined cans - Pinto Bean & Spelt, gluten free Black Bean & Quinoa, Great Northern Bean & Barley, and Kidney Bean & Kamut. They are the only whole grain and bean chilies and are made of organic family farm ingredients with healthy shiitake and maitake mushrooms that balance the texture and satisfaction sought in chili. Eden's four chilies are prepared at their certified organic kosher cannery and cooked in a rich, savory sauce of organic tomato puree with a bit of EDEN Sea Salt and a blend of 100% organic vegetables and chili spices. Most chili brands contain very poor quality meat and/or textured vegetable protein (TVP) that is toxically refined from genetically engineered soybeans. These four EDEN Chilies offer superb flavor and nourishment with 50% less sodium than other brands. Their delicious ingredients make excessive salt unnecessary.

Beans provide two essential amino acids not found in most grain - lysine and threonine. When combined, beans complement whole grain delivering complete protein. Enjoying a variety of whole grains and beans is a solid step toward healthier eating and a better quality of life.

BPA, BPS, and PVC Free Lined Cans

EDEN Chilies are the only brand of chilies packed in steel cans coated with a baked on oleoresinous c-enamel that does not contain the endocrine disrupter chemicals bisphenol-A (BPA) or bisphenol-S (BPS). Oleoresin is a natural mixture of oil and a resin extracted from various plants, such as pine or balsam fir. To our knowledge, Eden is the only U.S. food maker to date to use these BPA and BPS free lined cans. We have been using them since April 1999 for all EDEN brand plain and seasoned beans, refried beans, and rice & beans. Eden Foods also avoids all cans that have PVC linings which have become popular as a cheap switch away from BPA.

EDEN Chilies were selected Grocery Headquarters' 2010 Selling Wellness Trailblazer Award winner in the ‘Meal Maker’ category. Stocking the pantry with these ‘Best Meal Makers’ makes it pretty easy to heat and serve great tasting good food in just minutes. With a nice piece of good bread you have a delicious and hearty meal. They are versatile as a side dish, topping, and in traditional Mexican dishes. kosher