Thoughtful Pantry Fare

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September 2015

Relaxing summertime is becoming autumn. Less daylight and busy schedules are a trend. The need is heightened for quick, delicious, and bracing healthy meals and snacks. Major compromises in the quality of food we choose for both ourselves and for those we are providing for are often caused as we seek easy convenience from toxic, nutrient depleted foods. Back to school schedules challenge wise choices for breakfast, lunches, and snacks; but, busy-times make these choices more important in so many ways, and more noticeable. Healthy meals and snacks are in order whether it's back to school, work, running errands, or doing chores. Commercial convenience foods deplete energy and undermine long-term health with injurious food additives, refined sugars, too much poor quality salt, harmful fats, GMOs, and overall nutrient exhaustion. Providing important sustenance happens best after forethought and with a plan.

A smartly stocked pantry always pays big dividends in the realms of mental and physical health, mood, and operational efficiency. Planning is essential for proper pantry fare. A plan for being prepared to acquire good food helps protect us from skillful and pervasive, but fallacious, marketing messages devised to exploit and manipulate. False marketing messages permeate our culture. Truth in advertising is long gone. Shopping without a strategy for getting and preparing good meals and snacks increases the inevitability of being sadly disappointed with cheap, quick and easy commercial convenience foods that tellingly handicap those who partake of them.

We ask that folks thoughtfully plan and stock their pantries for strengthening healthy energy. Please provide and enjoy pure food that can include EDEN müesli cereals, whole grain flakes, fruit butters, and snacks.

Sustaining Energy

Whole grain is fundamental, vitally beneficial to well being.

Organic EDEN flakes and müesli cereals provide extremely high quality 100% whole grain. They impart steady, lasting energy and set an untroubled, lighthearted calm within us.

Recently it was learned that whole grain helps burn 25% more calories than diets without them.

EDEN Whole Grain Flakes • Oat • Rye • Spelt wheat • Brown Rice and • Kamut® wheat are North American family farm organically grown to Eden standards. They are gas fire, ceramic kiln roasted. While hot the grains are stainless steel rolled into quick cooking flakes. From the pantry they are ready in ten minutes. EDEN Müesli is made of three organic EDEN flakes — Oat, Rye, and Spelt combined with sweet/tart organic dried Cranberries, Raisins, dried wild Blueberries, roasted/lightly sea salted Pumpkins Seeds, and raw organic Sunflower Seeds. EDEN Cinnamon Müesli has organic cinnamon efficacy. Müesli can be taken cold, hot, or right out of the bag. Europeans enjoy it morning, noon, and night, but most commonly in the afternoon.

Pure Fruit in Glass

EDEN Fruit Butters • Apple • Apple Cherry • Cherry • Grape are U.S.A. family orchard and vineyard organic from the shores of the Great Lakes and Finger Lakes. They are kettle cooked the old-fashioned, best way. This concentrates fruit flavor and sweetness while creating a delicate texture. Pure tangy spreadable fruit butters are heavenly on bread, toast, pancakes, waffles, muffins, biscuits, scones, rice cakes, and crackers. Dollop some on porridge for a treat. Use them as a filling or flourish for baked goods.

Beneficial Snack Variety

Eden Foods makes nine superb snacks in 1 oz. single serve Pocket Snacks and 4 oz. reclosable pouches 1. organic Dried Cranberries 2. organic lowbush Dried Wild Blueberries 3. transitional-to-organic Dried Montmorency Tart Cherries 4. roasted and lightly salted organic Pumpkin Seeds 5. organic Spicy Pumpkin Seeds seasoned with gluten free organic tamari soy sauce, organic garlic, and organic cayenne 6. organic Tamari Almonds misted with imported organic tamari 7. organic shelled, dry roasted and sea salt misted Pistachios • and two nut, seed, and dried fruit mixes 8. Quiet Moon and 9. Wild Berry Mix. EDEN snacks are pure nourishment, satisfying good food. They are a variety of taste, texture, and nutrients that include phytonutrients and antioxidants. With EDEN snacks, this essential part of the diet becomes beneficial. Sprinkle them as garnish on salads, vegetables, pasta, noodles, grain, and soups. Use them creatively to make granola, breakfast bars, pastries, and baked goods.

Pure & Purifying Food

EDEN Flakes, Müesli, Fruit Butters, and Snacks are absolutely pure and purifying food. They contain only the finest ingredients. Some have organic, non-irradiated seasonings. Commercial varieties = not-so-much to deleterious. They contain no refined sugars, no bad fats, no harsh salt, GMO pectin, or any chemical additives whatsoever.