A Consequential Meal

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September 2016

Breakfast is commonly considered the most important meal of the day, setting a tone for what follows. Starting a day with centering, pure nourishment honors our needs and those with whom we share it. EDEN Müesli, whole grain Cereal Flakes, Fruit Butters, and EDEN Snacks are authentically organic and deliciously provide bracing energy.

Cultivating a habit of taking the few minutes for even a small hearty breakfast delivers deep benefits. Quality is far more important than quantity, and it is what holds potential for a big difference.

Breakfast is the prime opportunity to improve your day. Choices made for it deeply influence mentality and performance. Studies show that breakfast is usually the most nutritious daily meal. They reveal that those who eat breakfast also eat healthier during the day than those who do not. Breakfast eaters also tend to eat less food overall each day.

As the days shorten there comes change in routines for many of us, back to school, back to work, etc. This is a great time to begin honoring yourself with a practice of having an intelligent breakfast, or improving your selections if you already enjoy this beneficial custom. An initial step is to prepare the pantry or cupboards to make doing so easily possible and efficient. Early Fall is the perfect time to stock the pantry with foods we can enjoy, share, and benefit from.

Unfortunately, we are intentionally dissuaded from doing this by an almost complete disconnect in the media and medical community between eating habits/diet and an individual's well being. This is no accident. It intends to keep us susceptible to manipulation by corporate marketing propaganda misinforming us with completely dishonest characterizations of their designed for profit, addicting, imitation food. The media benefits from the advertising sales, companies sell untoward imitation food with moneyed power of suggestion, and government regulators/policy makers are paid off by all of them; pharmaceutical companies thrive.

Pantry Basics

EDEN Müesli - three American authentically organic whole grains - oats, rye, and spelt wheat flakes mixed with 100% organic dried fruit and seeds. EDEN Cinnamon Müesli has a touch of organic cinnamon for added flavor and antioxidant value.

EDEN Fruit Butters are authentically organic, pure delicious fruit, naturally sweet with no refined sugars. Their rich, delightful flavors satisfy without a harmful overdose of sugar. They are versatile and deliver potent phytonutrients like antioxidants for bracing, steady energy.

EDEN Apple Butter apples are authentically organic from the shores of the Great Lakes where tree fruit crops strongly benefit from the seasonal lake effect.

EDEN Cherry Butter contains only Eden Foods organic Montmorency tart cherries from the eastern shores of Lake Michigan. No water or any other ingredient is added; no enzymes, processing aids, or any short cuts are employed. As with the skin of beans, Montmorency tart cherry skins contain large amounts of antioxidants like melatonin and many others.

EDEN Apple Cherry Butter was awarded Vegetarian Times' Readers Fave Foodie Award stating “Spreadable fruit that tastes like it's straight from the tree.” A tangy sweet blend of 84% organic apples and 16% organic tart cherries gives this versatile spread brilliant flavor.

EDEN Pocket Snacks are only the finest nuts, seeds, and dried fruit that can be found in 1 oz. packets that easily travel with you. These snacks come in 4 oz. reclosable packages too, or in one pound bags from our web store. Nine low to very low sodium choices including • organic Spicy Pumpkin Seeds • Pistachios • Tamari Roasted Almonds • Pumpkin Seeds • Dried Cranberries • Montmorency Cherries • Wild Blueberries and our custom mix of organic nuts, seeds and berries • Wild Berry Mix and • Quiet Moon — all Gluten Free, low sodium, and kosher. One ounce Pocket Snacks come in easy to open packages ideal for lunch boxes, backpacks, purses, and briefcases. The 4 oz. packages are perfect for sharing. They contain no refined sugars, trans fats, sulfites, or any other untoward additives.

Pure Whole Grain - Reliable, Energizing Nutrition

Whole grain porridge, like oatmeal, is regaining popularity. All whole grain has always been smart food. Thanks to a renewed demand for ‘ancient’ grains, oatmeal, Kamut® (khorasan), spelt, rye, buckwheat and other grains are strongly benefiting people again whenever they are taken - morning, noon, or night.

It is documented that a version of oatmeal was created in Scotland over 2,000 years ago, and further that ‘porridge’ was largely credited for the survival and proliferation of those who consumed it throughout the Bronze Age. The very same nutritional support, so important to the survival of early Europeans, is still available to us today. Ancient grains are whole grains in general that have come to us largely intact as opposed to grains that have been extensively modified for profit and convenience to our detriment.

EDEN Cereal Flakes are whole grain that is moistened with filtered deep well water before gas fire, ceramic kiln roasting. Immediately as they come out of the roaster they are rolled into flakes. EDEN Rolled Whole Grain Flakes are pure, beneficial cereal grains as they are supposed to be.

EDEN Oat Flakes are a powerhouse of satisfying nourishment for the cereal bowl. Mixing them with EDEN Rye, Brown Rice, Spelt, and/or Kamut Flakes provides wonderful taste, texture, and nutritional variation. EDEN whole grain cereal flakes are a stupendous source of satisfying whole grain nourishment.

Kamut Triticum turanicum ancient wheat native to Asia Minor and Egypt was brought to Montana in the U.S.A. in 1949. Its golden grains or berries are three times the size of modern wheat. It is the highest protein wheat, is closely related to the ancient grain spelt, and is a relative of durum wheat. Spelt Triticum spelta is a distant relative of modern wheat first grown about 9,000 years ago in the Fertile Crescent area of the Middle East and northern Greece. Spelt's genome has not been tampered with and is not hybridized. It is known as a ‘gentle’ grain with a protein structure that is easier to digest than modern wheat. Rye is one of the unique grains that offer ‘complete’ protein containing all of the amino acids.

Smoothie Bowl Superchargers

In addition to the traditional use of grain flakes in porridge, Müesli, baked goods, etc., whole grain cereal flakes in smoothie bowls is another means of enjoying whole grain. These bowls begin with a smoothie blend of choice and EDENSOY is a very smart base ingredient. They are topped with grain, fruit (fresh, dried, or both), seeds, and nuts. Smoothie bowls are a great opportunity to add EDEN pantry foods to breakfast. Any one of seven EDENSOY flavors provides a superlative smoothie base. EDEN Fruit Butters enhance the smoothie with goodness and benefits. EDEN Müesli and EDEN Snacks are smart organic smoothie bowl toppers. Find your preference.

Busy lives require pure, easy to use, highly nutritious food. Eden Foods offers a lot of it, but if it is not in your pantry or cupboards, good opportunities will pass. EDEN in the pantry ensures good foods on a whim - pleasure, satisfaction, and benefits are guaranteed.