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October 2016

For eons people have pressed fruit for juice and refreshing benefits. Healthy fruit trees and bushes provide juice that is pure deliciousness, a luxurious pleasure. Organic EDEN Fruit Juices are just that, commonsensically grown and prepared in simple ways that require dedication and work. There is only one, dutifully declared ingredient in each EDEN Juice, either New York Concord grapes, Michigan apples, or Michigan Montmorency tart cherries. No untoward chemicals are added. We forego press-aids that increase extraction by 10%, but contaminate it. All of this fruit is authentically organically grown and handled. The entire process is overseen throughout by caring and knowledgeable Eden staff.

Procurement of fine fruit today, worthy of our trust, enjoyment, and sharing, requires personal relationships and a commitment to the responsibility of reestablishing the availability of pure food. We know the growers, those who harvest the fruit, those who handle and press it, and the environmental conditions that produce the fruit.

Healthy living soil, clean water, and clean air produce healthy plants that grow beneficial, delicious fruit. Over the past century, unfortunately, commercial fruit and its juices have lost most of their flavor, benefits, and enticing sweetness due to abhorrently toxic agricultural practices that wreak havoc on the fruit producing tree or bush's health. Commercial fruit juice producers have then resorted to chemical additives and refined sugars in attempts to re-create salable fruit juice.

Today, commercial fruit juice is reconstituted juice concentrate, ‘natural’ and ‘organic’ test tube artificial flavors, food colorings, test tube vitamins, and preservatives, all laced with untold chemical and GMO'd processing aids. The intentional loopholes purchased by industry for inclusion in government regulations allow no transparency, and no way or rights for us to know what is being offered as food.

Cloudy vs. Clear Juices

We the people have been skillfully and subtly led to believe that clear juice is purer, healthier juice, which is false. EDEN Apple, Cherry, and Grape juices are cloudy by nature and have four times more antioxidants than clear juice. Cloudiness in juice is a natural occurrence and indicates much greater value. It also indicates an avoidance of clarifying enzymes (usually GMO derived) and chemicals that are used to create clear juice.

Cloudy, non-clarified fruit juice is the winner when it comes to antioxidants and health benefits. A study published in the Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture shows that clarifying enzymes remove protective antioxidant polyphenols while negatively affecting flavor and other nutritional values. Clarified juice has had pectin and other beneficial components removed that would help metabolize the juice's fructose. The FDA deems clarifying enzymes ‘processing aids’ that are not required to be declared as ingredients. Cloudy and certified organic EDEN Juice contains more beneficial phytonutrients.

Commercial fruit is chemically sanitized leaving residues, these need not be disclosed either. The government has decided that we do not deserve to know what our food has been exposed to. Eden Foods is transparent about source, growing, and handling details of the ingredients and the food we buy and share.

Fruit Source Background

‘Glacial moraine’ and ‘lake effect’ help create delicious fruit. Melting glaciers left rich mineral deposits in west Michigan coastal soil. The result is a sandy loam ideal for growing deep-rooted fruit trees. This soil allows water drainage yet has enough clay to hold sufficient moisture. The Great Lakes powerfully affect climate leeward of prevailing winds. Michigan shore temperatures are moderated in Summer and Winter protecting fruit blossoms, fruit, and trees early and late in the growing season. EDEN Cherry and Apple Juice fruit is grown here.

Similar environment effects at the Finger Lakes in upstate New York provide excellent growing conditions for fruit. The organic Concord grapes for EDEN Grape Juice are a delightful result along the shore of Lake Keuka from 20 plus year organic vines. These vines grow uniquely sweet tart Concord grapes.

Grape harvest is mid-October and pressing is nearby at a sixth generation certified organic press on the shore of Seneca Lake. Cooled juice is placed in stainless tanks in a cold room to prevent fermentation and to allow solids to settle out, like potassium tartrate crystals (cream of tartar). After 72 hours the juice is skimmed, filtered, and bottled at a minimum of 16 Brix in amber glass to best protect its flavor and nutrients. Brix is a natural sugars metric for food.

EDEN Apple and Cherry juice are processed in the same commonsensical way, without toxic chemicals, GMO derived enzymes, refined sugar, shortcuts, or untoward additives. Juice is from a certified organic press, lightly filtered, and amber glass bottled. EDEN juice is simply what comes from the pressed fruit and is not watered down.

Beneficial Attributes

Studies consistently show that organic fruit has far more antioxidants than chemically grown. In 2011 the USDA's survey of pesticide residues in fresh fruit and vegetables found no less than forty-eight different pesticides in apples. An advocacy group's annual report lists non-organic apples as second worst (after strawberries) in pesticide contamination. Avoiding toxins from our food is now a mandatory requirement for people wishing to be healthy and have a high quality of life, particularly with apples.

EDEN Juice provides beneficial antioxidants. Eden Concord grapes are especially abundant in proanthocyanidin flavonoids. Montmorency tart cherries possess anthocyanins and the potent antioxidant quercetin, as well as melatonin, kaempferol, isoqueritrin, and ellagic acid. Apples also contain anthocyanins, quercetin, and pectin a beneficial soluble fiber. Pure fruit like these are highly effective internal cleansers.

Pure & Purifying

Award Winning Juice

EDEN Apple Juice was honored with Alive magazine's &lsqo;Award of Excellence.’

EDEN Grape and Cherry Juice were each honored with the prestigious National Association of the Specialty Food Trade (NASFT) award.

Deliciousness, potent nutrients, and peace of mind are yours with EDEN Juice. They are deserving pantry items as refreshing beverages, and for cooking and baking. They are Gluten Free. EDEN Apple and Cherry Juice are kosher pareve.