Five New Varieties Added to Eden Organic Pasta Line

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15 September 2003

Five New Varieties Added to E<span class="brand">den</span> Organic Pasta Line

Clinton, Michigan - Eden Foods and the Eden Organic Pasta Company have added five NEW Eden Organic Pastas, enhancing their most delicious and more nutritious pasta line with new grain, new shapes, and new flavors.

Eden Organic Spelt Ribbons are Eden's first 100% whole grain ribbon (wide noodle) pasta. The only ingredient is organic whole grain spelt flour that is slowly kneaded with purified water. The ribbons are crafted at the Eden Organic Pasta Company by repeatedly folding and laminating the dough, cutting with a stainless steel noodle die, and slow steam/air drying.

Eden Organic Spelt Ziti Rigati (medium tubes with ridges) is also made from Eden small batch milled organic whole spelt flour. Ziti, and other shaped macaroni pasta are crafted at the Eden Organic Pasta Company by extruding dough through vintage Italian brass dies and patient steam/air drying.

Eden Organic Parsley Garlic Ziti Rigati is made from a delicious blend of 60% whole and 40% sifted organic Golden Amber Durum Wheat flours with certified organic garlic and organic parsley powders.

Eden Organic Small Vegetable Shells are little sea shells of 60% whole grain and 40% sifted organic golden amber durum wheat flour. Their bright colors come from organic beet, organic spinach, and organic carrot with a bit of annatto seed.

Eden Organic Artichoke Ribbons are made with organic golden amber durum wheat flour, organic Jerusalem artichoke and organic spinach powders. Jerusalem artichoke (Helianthus tuberosus) is a white fleshed root related to the sunflower. Organic spinach gives this ribbon its soft green color.

Spelt Ribbons and Spelt Ziti Rigati mark the first use of spelt at the Eden Organic Pasta Company, bringing the total number of grains in the line to six (the others are biodynamic and organic golden amber durum wheat, biodynamic rye; organic kamut, organic quinoa, and organic brown rice). Also known as dinkel in Germany and faro in Italy, spelt is an ancient and distant cousin to modern wheat. It was one of the first grains to be cultivated in Europe. The twelfth century healer St. Hildegard wrote about spelt, "It produces a strong body and healthy blood for those who eat it and it makes the spirit of man light and cheerful."

In April 2003 Eden introduced new award winning color coded pasta labels making it easy to know the percentage of whole grain that each contains. As the newest of Eden's 100% whole grain pasta, Spelt Ribbons and Spelt Ziti Rigati are labeled in GOLD. The newest of Eden's most popular 60% whole grain pasta, Parsley Garlic Ziti Rigati and Small Vegetable Shells are labeled in BLUE. The newest of Eden's lightest organic pasta made from the highest protein, patent durum flour, Artichoke Ribbons are labeled in GREEN.

Spelt Ribbons and Spelt Ziti Rigati are each a high source of fiber, thiamin (vitamin B1), and magnesium, and a good source of protein, iron, niacin (vitamin B3), phosphorus and zinc. Parsley Garlic Ziti Rigati is an excellent source of fiber and a good source of protein, iron, magnesium, thiamin, phosphorus, and niacin. Small Vegetable Shells are a phenomenal source of riboflavin (45% Daily Value per 8 ounce serving) and a good source of fiber, protein, iron, magnesium, zinc, thiamin, phosphorus, and niacin. Artichoke Ribbons are an excellent source of riboflavin and a good source of protein, magnesium, thiamin, phosphorus, and niacin.

Eden Organic Pasta is made from the most sought after pasta making grain in the world, grown on family farms committed to building vital soil, cleansing the environment, and maintaining Nature's diversity. The Eden Organic Pasta Company is a Detroit landmark using only traditional pasta making techniques and vintage Italian equipment continuously since 1923. It was the first food production facility in North America to be third party certified organic. Starting with freshly ground grain and pure water, each batch of Eden Pasta is crafted with meticulous care. Traditional methods create pasta of exceptional flavor, texture, and character. Eden Organic Pasta is certified organic, kosher and parve.

Eden means no irradiation, no preservatives, no chemical additives, no food colorings, no refined sugars, no genetically engineered ingredients; just the safest, most nutritious, certified organically grown food that can be found. More than 260 Eden foods are available at discerning retailers in the U.S.A. and Canada. For more information, or if you would like our email for press releases, please call 800 248-0320, email us at or visit Retailers and Co-ops please go to