The Better World Shopping Guide Green Hero Award

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4 August 2015

Clinton, Michigan

Eden Foods has once again achieved the highest possible company rating in the 2015 edition of The Better World Shopping Guide. Eden earned "Green Hero" status six times, merited an A+ rating in an astonishing twelve different categories, and was selected as one of the "20 Best Companies On the Planet."

The Guide wrote, "Eden Foods stands out as a social and environmental super star that consumers can trust, knowing that their hard-earned dollars support a company that is changing the world while walking the talk."

The Better World Shopping Guide utilizes 50 reliable nonprofit, governmental, and private sources to evaluate and rate hundreds of products and services based on company behavior related to human rights, environmental sustainability, animal protection, community involvement, and social justice.

Eden Foods earned an A+ rating in the following categories: - Baked Goods & Baking Supplies - Canned Goods - Chips - Condiments & Dressings - Dairy Alternatives - Milk & Alternatives - Oil, Vinegar, Olives & Pickles - Pasta & Sauce - Popcorn, Nuts, Pretzels & Mixes - Rice & Other Grains - Soup, Noodles & Curries, and - Sugar, Spices & Sweeteners.

This is the second time Eden Foods is honored with a top ranking by The Better World Shopping Guide. Eden Foods is grateful for the Guide's affirmation.

Eden Foods is a 47 year principled natural food manufacturer offering more than 400 authentic, organic, traditional, pure foods. All are superb pantry fare. Further information and over 1,130 free recipes are at Retailers, institutions, and co-ops, please visit us at