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 How Bifa-15 Works

The valuable mechanical feature of EDEN Bifa-15 is its patented microcapsule delivery system. Other capsules are pre-formed, filled, sealed, and have an inherent weakness, a seam. EDEN Bifa-15 microcapsules are filled and formed simultaneously providing a seamless surface that uniquely protects the fragile bacteria. Each tube of EDEN Bifa-15 contains orange bifidobacteria capsules, white lactobacillus capsules, and pleasantly flavored oligosaccharide granules that help bifidobacteria thrive. The granules of oligosaccharides, their lemon oil and botanical essences, promote bifidobacteria growth and deliver a most refreshing taste experience.

Seamless capsules protect the bacteria from air and their journey through the stomach acids. The capsules release bacteria only after reaching the large intestine - their natural 'home address.' Upon release lactobacillus vigorously cultivate the proper environment for bifidobacteria to flourish by producing lactic acid and beneficial nutrients. Each tube of EDEN Bifa-15 delivers two billion living Bifidobacterium longum, and one billion friendly lactic acid producing bacteria. As Bifidobacteria increases through regular consumption of EDEN Bifa-15, harmful bacteria is suppressed, balance is restored, and functions necessary for health and proper digestion are strengthened.

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