Edensoy® - First and Only Non-GMO Verified Soymilk

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30 March 2010

E<span class="brand">densoy</span><span class="reg">®</span> - First and Only Non-GMO Verified Soymilk

Clinton, Michigan - Eden Foods submitted Edensoy to the Non-GMO Project (The Project) August 28, 2008. After thorough scientific and methodical studies covering everything from the seed to aseptic packaging, it recently became the first - and remains the only - soymilk in North America to be verified compliant with The Project's standards for avoiding GMOs (genetically modified organisms).

The Non-GMO Project was created by members of all sectors of the natural food industry in the USA and Canada. Eden Foods being one. The Project is North America's first third-party, independent non-GMO verification program utilizing on-site facility audits, document and systems reviews, and DNA PCR (polymerase chain reaction) testing of all inputs at risk of GMO contamination. The Project provides the first credible third-party, non-GMO verification program through all levels of the supply chain, thus providing verified non-GMO alternatives.

In 1993 Eden pioneered and perfected a process to avoid genetically engineered organisms and their derivatives in food. Soybeans today are predominantly genetically engineered. To keep Edensoy GMO free, much work is demanded, including multiple tests of all beans used as seed, in growing, at the elevator, and at the manufacturing plant. Eden Foods rejects use of pharmaceutical enzymes and knows all of its farms, fields, and suppliers involved in the creation of Edensoy.

Eden Foods enthusiastically supports The Project and has helped it become a dependable and much-needed filter that knowledgeable people require. As of today Eden has verified 128 foods, including Edensoy; 80 in the U.S. and 48 in Canada. To view Eden enrolled and verified-pure food, visit edenfoods.com/verified.

Eden Foods is a 42 year principled manufacturer of natural food offering more than 250 authentic, organic, traditional, , pure foods. All are superb pantry fare. Information and over 975 free recipes are at www.edenfoods.com. Retailers, institutions, and co-ops, please visit us at access.edenfoods.com.