New Shelf Stable Brown Rice Mochi

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14 July 2009

New Shelf Stable Brown Rice Mochi

Clinton, Michigan - With high hopes and great joy Eden Foods, North America's senior natural food company and largest independent maker of dry grocery organic specialty food, introduces three types of brown rice mochi, a food that is a cultural centerpiece of traditional Japan. It is thought to rejuvenate a person's physical vitality, health and strength, their very constitution. Eden® Brown Rice Mochi is JAS (Japanese Agricultural Standards) certified biologique sweet brown rice Oryza glutinosa cooked and pounded into versatile, exceedingly healthy cakes that are quick to prepare.

Eden Mochi is made by the Kojima family in Japan who began making brown rice mochi in 1974 when only white rice versions remained. The rice is soaked overnight and steamed, ground into a sticky dough, pounded, sheeted, hardened in refrigeration for three days, cut into cakes, and steam sterile vacuum packed for two year shelf life with no refrigeration needed until opened.

  • Eden Sweet Brown Rice Mochi - 100% whole grain, pounded sweet brown rice. The traditional stamina building and rejuvenating food.
  • Eden Sprouted Brown Rice Mochi - 100% whole grain, pounded, sprouted sweet brown rice. Sprouting enzymes enhance antioxidants, nutrients, and their absorption.
  • Eden Brown Rice & Mugwort Mochi - 98% whole grain, pounded sweet brown rice and 2% valuable mugwort Artemisia princeps herb. A potent, energizing combination.

Eden Mochi is authentic pounded mochi. This extremely versatile food is ready in just minutes. It may be pan cooked with or without oil, baked, broiled, grilled, or deep fried until it puffs. It is great as is seasoned with shoyu soy sauce, or in miso soup, stews, and as crispy waffles. 10.5 oz. packages of Eden Mochi each contain six hearty servings.

All Eden Mochi is wheat and gluten free with no salt added and  kosher pareve.

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