User Friendly Date Code Added to Eden® Bean Cans

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23 April 2009

User Friendly Date Code Added to E<span class="brand">den</span><span class="reg">®</span> Bean Cans

Clinton, Michigan - Eden Foods announces "Best if Used By" date codes are being added to all Eden canned beans. The update will improve labeling for Eden Organic Plain, Seasoned, Refried, and Rice & Beans in 15 and 108 ounce cans. The Julian Date Code currently included on each will continue to be stated.

The Julian Date Code is used by industry to track production date. Customers have requested a more user-friendly format. Responding, Eden is adding a "Best if Used By" date to all canned bean offerings. This code will start with the year's 4 digits followed by a two letter month abbreviation and then the numbers of the day. Both the Julian and the Best By codes will be printed on the top of each can to reflect the three-year shelf life.

Eden Organic Beans are grown by USA family farmers dedicated to sustainable organic methods. The beans are soaked overnight at Eden's certified organic and kosher canning facility in Indiana and thoroughly cooked. Since 1999 all cans have been free of the endocrine disruptor bisphenol-A (BPA). Using these custom made cans costs 14% more than the industry standard but to do otherwise would be irresponsible to our health and the environment. According to the Ball Corporation, Eden is the only USA food company to use these BPA free cans.

"Adding the "Best if Used By" data makes reading the date codes more convenient and assist retailers in managing product rotation to help ensure freshness." said Sue Becker, Eden's Vice President of Marketing and Sales.

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