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Centered Balance

13 August 2019

Centered Balance

The necessary purpose of snacks is to keep one’s metabolism at a desired, steady pace. Snacks are part of a balanced, healthy diet and provide energies and enjoyment to suit our equilibrium and mood. A snack can be a modest meal, or a few bites of a snack food.

Sudden demands and changing activity levels must be met with adequate metabolism to handle them gracefully. Frequently, the need of snack food is upon us. Smart snacking can help avoid overeating at mealtime.

Practical considerations of snacks must be accommodated. Are they portable, do they store well, and provide quick energy? Hunger cravings can be distruptive. A snack needs to get us to our next meal. Snacks need to be handy and readily available.

EDEN Snacks are enjoyable, satisfying, and easy to have at hand. They provide pleasure, good nourishment, and smooth, sustaining energy. Thoughtful preparation enhances them, and purity is paramount at Eden Foods.

Most Popular Snack

Although popcorn does need preparation, it is America’s number one favorite snack when measured in amount consumed. It is a whole grain, rich in polyphenols. About 17 billion quarts of popcorn are eaten yearly, the vast majority of it being enjoyed at home.

We have recently discovered that popcorn is good breakfast food. During the late 19th and early 20th centuries popcorn was a popular breakfast choice. It is believed that it was the precursor to modern cereals.

EDEN Popcorn is uniquely and remarkably delicious. USA organic family grown, antioxidant rich whole grain, produced without toxic agriculture or processing chemicals. Organic agriculture is completely rejuvenative and corrective at all levels. Authentically organic foods nourish and cleanse both our body systems and the environment.

Sadly, conventional popcorn is on FDA’s Total Diet Study list of the top ten foods most contaminated with pesticides and chemicals.

EDEN Popcorn makes large kernels, bursting with whole grain flavor and benefits. The EDEN Popcorn Bowl gift set brings smiles. It contains organic EDEN Popcorn 20 oz, EDEN Safflower Oil pint, EDEN Sea Salt 1 lb, Garlic Gomasio 3.5 oz, and an EDEN Quiet Moon 4 oz snack mix.

Properly Prepared

There are ten superlative EDEN snacks in 4 oz reclosable pouches and 1 oz Pocket Snacks.

Three richly satisfying nut, seed, and dried fruit mixes

Today’s commercial snack foods deplete energy and well-being with bad fats, excessive harsh refined salt, refined sugar and chemical sugar imitations, toxic agricultural and undeclared processing chemicals, artificial colorings, chemical flavorings (even ‘natural’ snacks), sulfites, and a long list of undeclared toxic additives. These snacks interfere with metabolism, damage nervous systems, create chaos, lead to binge eating, weight gain, insanity, and a myriad of physical health issues.

Pure & Purifying EDEN Value

EDEN Snacks are pure wholesome food prepared using simple methods that enhance them. EDEN Snacks provide better nourishment with complex carbohydrate, protein, healthy fat, vitamins, minerals, fiber, polyphenols, and antioxidant flavonoids. All are low or very low sodium with no refined sugar, trans-fat, refined oil, refined salt, colorings, preservatives, sulfites, and only use the finest organically grown, non-irradiated seasoning. There are unsalted, some with a bit of EDEN Sea Salt or wheat free EDEN Tamari Soy Sauce, and all are made at Eden’s organic certified facility. The equipment and procedures are multi-third-party inspected and highly rated for cleanliness and safety. All EDEN snacks happen to be gluten free and kosher pareve.

EDEN Snacks in the pantry are ready for relaxing at home, school, work, running errands, trekking, and traveling. They are great in lunches, at parties, and camping. EDEN Snacks are good food. Sprinkle them on salads, grain dishes, pasta, or soup to enhance them. Use in or on cereal, desserts, granola, bread and other baked goods, or to make great popcorn balls and caramel corn. Visit for free recipes and information on the EDEN Snack Tote and EDEN Snack Sampler.

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