Health & Longevity

9 February 2016

Health & Longevity

February 2016

The longest living and healthiest people on Earth are Japanese. They continue to work, hike, and garden in their 80s, 90s, and beyond. Such hardy longevity is in no small part due to exercise and good eating habits.

Some of the world's most intuitively intelligent foods were developed in ancient Japan. They are pinnacles of human specific nourishment, made using methods dating back thousands of years. These foods are a notable benefit coming to the West from the ‘East meets West‘ cultural convergence; access to them, knowledge about them, and how to prepare and enjoy them. They begin to show us how food can be used to manage our well-being and that of those we serve.

Thanks to the work and dedication of Mr. George Ohsawa (the founder of modern Macrobiotics) and his students, understanding of these fortifying and healing traditional foods has spread worldwide and their popularity is growing strong.

Vital Relationships

Eden Foods has cultivated trade relations with Japanese artisans dedicated to traditional food making for miso, shoyu soy sauces, sea vegetables, and a variety of healthy foods since 1972. This has helped preserve valuable cultural production and lifestyles. Eden has become a respected, reliable, and the largest purveyor of macrobiotic natural foods in the world. We offer more than seventy-five (75) of these remarkable specialty foods.

EDEN brand macrobiotic, imported items are ancient health foods. Their fortifying benefits are affirmed in modern research. Enjoy them in traditional and imaginative ways. Visit for hundreds of free recipes and ideas. Gluten Free and kosher pareve offerings.

Pure food, properly prepared, will strengthen and transform us while nurturing intuition.

The simple elegance of a dish is only possible with vibrant, pure, properly handled food.

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