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Eden Ume Plum Vinegar Awarded 2016 Best Bite Award

22 June 2016

E<span class="brand">den</span> Ume Plum Vinegar Awarded 2016 Best Bite Award

Clinton, Michigan – EDEN Ume Plum Vinegar just received Delicious Living magazine's 2016 Best Bite Award, selected 'Best Vinegar' in the vinegar category. This award is an affirmation of Eden Foods' purchasing criteria.

Delicious Living writes, "This traditional Japanese vinegar is made from the juice of pickled, pressed umeboshi plums and imparts a complex salty-fruity-sour flavor into everything ranging from fish to kale salads. Ume vinegar can be hard to find in the United States, but Eden's version is made simply and authentically with ume plums, shiso leaf, and sea salt."

EDEN Ume Plum Vinegar is the efficacious pickling brine from making umeboshi plums. It is known as ume su in Japan. Red beefsteak leaf, or shiso, imparts its ruby hue. As a tangy condiment it is delicious on steamed vegetables, cold bean salads, and adds appealing zing to salad dressings, marinades, hot sauce, salsa, and dips. It is excellent for making pickles and preserved foods. EDEN Ume Plum Vinegar contains no chemical additives or untoward ingredients whatsoever; no artificial coloring, preservatives, or processing chemicals, simply Pure & Purifying and kosher pareve.

EDEN Vinegars are bottled in dark amber glass to best protect nutrients, flavor, color, and value, capped with a pour/drip spout.

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