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EDEN Whole Grains

EDEN Mochi

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Brown Rice & Black Soybean Mochi is skillfully multi-step made of steamed and pounded JAS certified organic sweet brown rice with organic Japanese black soybeans and a bit of sea salt. Vacuum packed, no refrigeration is needed for storage. Mochi softens and puffs into moist cakes with crisp chewy crust from slow pan sizzling, or when baked about 8 minutes. Gluten Free

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Eden Organic Best Whole Grains

EDEN Organic Best Whole Grains

Whole grain is making a comeback with a special interest in the once revered staple grains of the Americas like 100% whole grain EDEN Quinoa, Red Quinoa, Millet, Buckwheat, Popcorn, and authentic hand harvested Wild Rice. We maintain integrity of all their nutritional components in the endosperm, germ, and bran. These and other whole grains are resurging as absolutely essential to good health.

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Eden Organic Cereal Flakes

EDEN Organic Flakes

EDEN organic 100% whole grain flakes are gas-fired, ceramic kiln roasted, and stainless steel rolled into flakes. Perfect for quick breakfast porridge. Each cooks in just minutes. Use it for creamy soups and stews, granola and muesli, breakfast bars, burgers, and in baked goods and confections.

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Eden Organic Flour

EDEN Organic Flour

The best bread, pastries, and baked goods begin with freshly milled organic whole grain. EDEN whole grain organic flours are U.S.A. family organically grown and small batch milled at Eden’s certified organic Michigan mill to ensure great flavor and optimum nutrient content.

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Eden Organic Mochi

EDEN Organic Mochi

Steamed, pounded whole grain sweet brown rice, a traditional stamina building food. EDEN Organic Mochi comes in three varieties: Sweet Brown Rice, Sprouted Brown Rice, and Brown Rice & Black Soybean Mochi. Quick cooking and versatile.

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