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Organic EDEN spices, herbs, and vegetables are from our stocks used in the preparation of Eden foods. They are Eden qualified and selected as the "best of the best" that we can find. Spices and herbs contain volatile oils, polyphenols, and beneficial antioxidants. It is wise to protect them from light, especially fluorescent lighting, and photochemistry induced degradation of sensitive aroma, flavor, and nutritional components. Organic EDEN herbs, spices, and vegetables are glass jarred in efficacious dark amber glass. This glass works twice as good as green, and vastly better than clear.

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Thyme, Organic $5.80

Thyme Thymus vulgaris - dried leaves and stems of an herb native to southern Europe. It is commonly used in Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine. Thyme has a distinct strong or sharp flavor to be used in moderation. It can overpower other flavors in dishes. It is usually added at the end of cooking to preserve it flavor, which diminishes with longer cooking. Add to pasta salads, roasted vegetables, poached fish, and to season soups, stews, and soup stock. Use in vinaigrette, salad dressings, and marinades, and for savory spaghetti sauces together with basil, oregano, and garlic. Add to scrambled tofu, scrambled eggs, and omelets for a flavor and aroma boost. Thyme is also delicious cooked with kidney, pinto, or black beans. Use 1/3 as much dried thyme in recipes calling for fresh. Organic grown in Egypt. Protective amber glass jar. kosher pareve

Size: 0.670 oz / 19 g
UPC: 024182182811

Organic Thyme (Thymus vulgaris)
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