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Eden Chips and Crackers Sampler $30.38
Seven varieties of chips and crackers made in Japan where crispy snacks made from rice, vegetables, sea vegetables, herbs and spices are enjoyed as daily food. Some are baked and others are flash fried in high heat tolerant, fatty acid rich rice bran oil and then centrifuge spun to remove the oil. Seasonings such as shoyu soy sauce, wheat free tamari, sea salt, and malted barley syrup create a variety of delightful flavors. All are delicious with your favorite dip or salsa.

Detailed Description

Size: 7 packages 
Included Products:
Brown Rice Chips
Brown Rice Crackers
5 Flavor Arare Rice Puffs
Nori Maki Rice Crackers - hand wrapped
Sea Vegetable Chips
Vegetable Chips
Wasabi Chips - Hot n' Spicy

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