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Shoyu Soy Sauce, Non-GMO, Imported $194.31

Eden Traditionally Brewed Shoyu is a sterling example of real shoyu, and the best of its kind available in America. Non-GMO whole soybeans and wheat are transformed by brew masters skilled in traditional methods. Koji brewed for two years in cedar wood casks for a clear, rich, transformative taste. It brightens and melds flavors, bringing out the deep character of good food. George Ohsawa, the founder of macrobiotics, called this soy sauce 'tamari'. This shoyu soy sauce is macrobiotic 'tamari' soy sauce. 55 gallon steel, food grade drum. kosher

Detailed Description

Size: 5 gal / 18.9 L 

Water, Whole Soybeans, Whole Wheat, Sea Salt, Koji
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Kosher Fat Free Macrobiotic
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