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Eden Organic Popcorn Bowl $35.00
Might as well have the best. America's oldest and all time favorite healthy snack in this vintage looking, food safe, enamelware POPCORN bowl. A welcome gift. Each bowl contains - USA grown EDEN Organic Yellow Popcorn; high oleic expeller pressed EDEN Organic Safflower Oil; our finest triple washed EDEN Sea Salt; EDEN Organic Garlic Gomasio, a low sodium, toasted sesame and sea salt condiment; and EDEN Quiet Moon snack mix that's delicious and crunchy in popcorn balls and caramel corn. Recipe for Eden Popcorn Balls is printed on the back of the popcorn package. A touch of nostalgia and really good snack food.

Note: Due to availability, bowl design may vary.

Detailed Description

Included Products:
Quiet Moon
Sea Salt - Portuguese Coast, Fine Grind - Glass Jar
Garlic Gomasio (Sesame Salt), Organic - Glass Jar
Safflower Oil - High Oleic, Organic
Popcorn, 100% Whole Grain, Organic

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