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Traditional Japanese Pasta Sampler $27.95
Authentic square cut soba and udon noodles crafted in Japan using ancient techniques handed down through centuries. Six varieties: one Brown Rice Udon (similar to linguine made from wheat and brown rice), and five different soba varieties - 40% Soba (buckwheat and spring wheat blend); Lotus Root Soba; Mugwort (green herb) Soba; Wild Yam (jinenjo mountain potato) Soba; and 100% Soba made only of allergy friendly buckwheat, with no salt added, and it's wheat and gluten free. kosher pareve.

Detailed Description

Size: 6 packages 
Included Products:
Brown Rice Udon
Soba, 40% Buckwheat
Lotus Root Soba
Mugwort Soba
Wild Yam (Jinenjo) Soba
Soba, 100% Buckwheat

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