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Edensoy Quart Sampler #1 $9.05
Three organic Edensoy varieties made with USA family farm organically grown tested GEO free soybeans and grain: Chocolate - with fair trade organic, healthy antioxidant containing dark cocoa powder; Original - the first commercial soymilk in North America; and Extra Vanilla - fortified with only the best vegan vitamins and minerals and the only brand using 100 percent real vanilla extract. All contain naturally occurring soy isoflavones, and essential fatty acids (EFAs) omega 3, 6, & 9. Use Edensoy for all your cooking and baking needs in place of milk. Great on cereal, for fruit smoothies, and freeze pops. kosher pareve.

Detailed Description

Size: 3 - 32 oz 
Included Products:
Chocolate Edensoy, Organic Soymilk
Original Edensoy, Organic Soymilk
Vanilla Edensoy Extra, Organic Soymil

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