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60% Whole Grain Pasta Sampler $16.53
A celebration of color in small sea shells, alphabet shapes, and jade green spinach ribbons and spirals with organic vegetable powders. Five delicious and fun to eat 60% heart healthy whole grain pastas, made from small batch freshly milled organic durum wheat and semolina wheat flours. No salt added kosher pareve. Great for soups, salads, and stir fries or with your favorite sauce. Make pasta containing whole grain fiber a part of your healthy diet.

Detailed Description

Size: 5 packages 
Included Products:
Small Vegetable Shells, 60% Whole Grain, Organic
Spinach Ribbons, 60% Whole Grain, Organic
Spinach Spirals, 60% Whole Grain, Organic
Vegetable Alphabets, Organic, 60% Whole Grain
Flax Rice Spirals, 60% Whole Grain, Organic

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