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Four Chili Sampler
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Stews of beans, grain, vegetables and seasonings are enjoyed the world over. They satisfy and nourish. Chili is the All-American favorite. EDEN Chili is unique. It's the only one made with USA family farm organic beans, organic whole grain, organic vegetables and maitake and shiitake mushrooms lending a full texture that pleases chili lovers. They contain no chemically processed textured vegetable protein (TVP) like most meatless chilies. Cooked in custom made bisphenol-A free cans. All are low fat, high fiber with complete protein, and they contain 50 percent less sodium than most brands.

The EDEN Chili sampler offers four unique chilies:

EDEN Black Bean & Quinoa Chili - USA family farm organic black turtle beans, high altitude Andes organic whole grain quinoa with Japanese shiitake and maitake mushrooms thoroughly cooked in a hearty organic chili spiced sauce.

EDEN Great Northern & Barley Chili - White bean chili made of USA family farm organic great northern beans and organic partially pearled barley with Japanese maitake mushrooms in a hearty chili sauce of Eden organic tomato puree and Eden selected organic spices.

EDEN Kidney Bean & Kamut Chili - USA family farm organic dark red kidney beans, organic whole grain Khorasan (kamut®) wheat and organic vegetables with Japanese maitake mushrooms thoroughly cooked in a hearty organic chili sauce.

EDEN Pinto Bean & Spelt Chili - USA family farm organic pinto beans, organic whole grain spelt wheat and organic vegetables with Japanese maitake mushrooms cooked in a rich organic tomato puree seasoned with Eden selected organic chili spices.

Four hearty, pleasing meals from pantry to palate in minutes. Just heat, stir and serve. Great with cornbread, corn chips, crackers, or polenta and in tacos, enchiladas, and tamale (cornbread) pie.

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