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Dentie Toothpowder - glass jar
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Eden Dentie Toothpowder is a traditional Japanese tooth and gum powder, called 'denshi' in Japan. It was kept in every bathroom cabinet. In the 1960s George Ohsawa (1893 - 1966), the founder of modern macrobiotics, rediscovered Dentie and began recommending it to his students.

Eden Dentie Toothpowder is made in Japan from only the calyx (stem) of Japanese eggplant and sea salt. The eggplant is first cleaned, the calyx and a bit of the vegetable is sliced away, then sun-dried for a few weeks. When finished drying, the eggplant is dry roasted until it is like charcoal. The charred eggplant is then ground together with sea salt into a fine powder, allowed to cool, and packed. Eden Dentie Toothpowder contains no chemicals, coloring agents, refined sugars or preservatives.

Dentie Toothpowder's minerals and salt keep the gums clean and firm. The best gum home treatment we are aware of. Use it once or twice a week to support gum and teeth health. Simply moisten your fingers or a toothbrush and rub on gums. Leave it on for several minutes and rinse thoroughly. It is not recommended for vigorous or everyday brushing as it is abrasive. Use Eden Dentie Toothpowder as an early onset gargle.

Please note: Do not use Dentie Toothpowder on open wounds as suggested in some older macrobiotic publications, as it may become embedded under the skin causing a bluish scar.

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