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Lotus Root Tea
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Eden Lotus Root Tea Powder, or 'kohren' in Japanese, is made from the root of the lotus, harvested during the winter when its nutrients are most concentrated in the root. After harvest the roots are washed, chopped, sun dried, and sifted to remove any tough fibers and ground into a fine powder, and mixed with 5 percent dried ginger root powder prior to packaging.

Lotus Nelumbo nucifera or Nelumbium nuciferum is a member of the water lily family that grows in shallow ponds throughout Asia. Its flower has long been revered as a symbol of humanity's wish for enlightenment and rebirth, rising from the muddy root and bursting forth with glorious beauty. Lotus is usually cultivated for its root or "rhizome," but the entire plant is edible. The root of the lotus grows horizontally in the mud in segmented, oblong bulbs, two to three feet long. Inside the segments are hollow tubes, or air passages, that run the length of it in a symmetrical pattern. Traditional Oriental holistic practitioners often attribute this root's ability to support lung health, in part, to its physical similarities to this body system.

Eden Lotus Root Tea is naturally processed in Japan in the traditional manner used for centuries. It contains no additives, preservatives or artificial dyes.

To make Eden Lotus Root Tea boil a teaspoonful in a cup of water for three minutes and sip while hot.

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