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Mu 16 Herb Tea
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Sixteen traditional Chinese healing herbs in a balanced and bracing blend. Formulated by George Ohsawa, the father of Macrobiotics. Mr. Ohsawa spent a good part of his life studying classic texts of Oriental medicine and disease theory including traditional herbal medicine of China. Each of Mu 16's sixteen herbs are found in medicinal teas of Asia since ancient times.

Eden Mu 16 Herb Tea is a potent herbal tea with an appealing taste that is to be used cautiously. Each of the herbs contributes its own energy and benefit, but it is in their combined efficacy that each is magnified. George Ohsawa truly created a tea to both enjoy and promote strength and vitality.

Eden Mu 16 Herb Tea is made by first roasting apricot kernels and rehmannia root for 18 minutes at 175°C. They require longer roasting than the other herbs. The other herbs are cleaned and chopped. The black sand is heated in a roaster. The remaining ingredients are roasted in the hot sand for about 30 seconds. The sand is then removed. Roasting in sand ensures even roasting and stabilizes the components of the herbs.

Eden Mu 16 Herb Tea is packaged in unbleached natural fiber tea bags, six in each protective resealable package. A tea bag makes a large pot of tea and can be used twice making a second weaker tea. Make Mu 16 in a glass or stainless steel pot to protect the nature of the herbs. Place one tea bag in one quart of water. Boil it for a minimum of 10 minutes.

Eden Mu 16 Herb Tea is used to increase strength and vitality in general, and is especially appealing during cold months. Mix it with a good quality apple juice for a uniquely pleasant beverage experience.

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