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Matcha Spoon
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Authentic tea spoon, handcrafted in Japan from a single piece of natural untreated bamboo. The EDEN Matcha Spoon measures just the right amount of Matcha for your taste.

Known as 'chashaku' in Japan, this traditional spoon has been used for centuries to measure Matcha from the tea container into an earthenware tea bowl. This spoon is used only to measure Matcha powdered green tea and is not designed to measure loose leaf green tea.

In Japan the material used to make tea spoons for measuring Matcha vary from natural bamboo, black bamboo, other hard wood, ivory, or metal. The length and size of the scoop can also vary according to intended use. There are three basic types: modern, broad, and traditional. The modern scoop is often made of metal, has a longer handle and is more deep and rounded like a spoon. A broad scoop has a shorter handle and larger scoop, and is intended for larger servings or thicker tea. The EDEN Matcha Scoop is considered a very traditional bamboo type, with a medium handle and well balanced scoop. One scoopful equals one serving, about 1 gram of Matcha.

When properly cared for, the EDEN Matcha Scoop will last for many years. After using simply wipe clean with a dry cloth, or rinse with cold water, wipe and allow to air dry before storing. Do not wash in a dishwasher.

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