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Matcha Bowl
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A beautiful glazed ceramic tea bowl, handcrafted in Japan and designed specifically for the mixing, drinking, and enjoying Matcha powdered green tea. Lead free.

Although the art of formal tea ceremony began in China during the Tang Dynasty (618-907 A.D.), it wasn't until the Sung Dynasty (690-1279 A.D.) that the art of making ceramic tea ceremony utensils rapidly developed. It was during this period that the tea bowls became wider and deeper to facilitate the whisking of tea.

Known as 'chawan' in Japan, handcrafted ceramic tea bowls are considered the best for serving Matcha. The bowls are made to very specific sizes, shapes, and types. They vary depending on the event, the season, and the degree of formality with which the tea is being prepared and served. Because the color of Matcha is an attractive light green, the more traditional tea bowls are usually dark - black, brown, gray, or a combination - which best accents the natural beauty of the tea.

Unlike brewed teas that are steeped and discarded, with Matcha the whole leaf is consumed, completely dissolved and whisked in the tea bowl. After whisking, one drinks the hot Matcha directly from the bowl. You may want more than one bowl to share this traditional Matcha experience with family and friends.

Because the EDEN Matcha Bowl is handcrafted and delicate, we recommended hand washing and drying to prevent breakage. Dishwashing is not recommended.

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