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Matcha Whisk
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Skillfully handcrafted, untreated bamboo tea whisk in a protective two piece storage cylinder. Called 'chasen' in Japan, this beautiful whisk is made from a single piece of bamboo split into 80 bamboo bristles called splines, in a perfect balance for thorough whisking.

Stirring with a spoon doesn't dissolve the Matcha properly, and often results in clumps of tea remaining in the bottom of the tea bowl. This tea whisk is a must-have tool to prepare Matcha and make it into a delicious frothy brew.

There are many types of tea whisks. Their material, shape, size and number of splines varying according to intended use, such as whisking thin or thick tea, formal tea ceremony use, for general purpose enjoyment, for travel, or according to customs of a particular school of tea in Japan. The EDEN Matcha Whisk has been chosen for its special ability to properly dissolve Matcha and produce a pleasant froth.

Before using, moisten the whisk with warm water to prevent splintering of the fine bristles. It is important to whisk using even circular strokes without scraping the splines firmly against the bowl. Firm pressure and repeated scraping can damage and break the delicate splines. After each use, rinse under cold water to clean, stand on end, and allow to naturally air dry. Do not wipe dry or wash in a dishwasher. When dry, return the whisk to its protective cylinder to help retain its shape and prevent spline damage.

Bamboo is particularly susceptible to dry conditions, so it is important to use your whisk regularly, or moisten and air dry it periodically to prevent excessive drying.

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