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Bifun (Rice) Pasta
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Eden Bifun noodles are thin and translucent, made of 100% steamed rice. White rice is ground into fine flour and kneaded with water to form dough. Dough is steamed and formed into a dumpling-like dough. This dough is extruded into noodles and cut to length. The noodles are then allowed to settle, a short aging process. After aging the Bifun noodles are steamed, then washed in cold water, and air dried before packaging. No additives or preservatives.

Nutrition Facts

Eden Bifun Pasta is a good source of protein. Wheat and Gluten free.

Eden Bifun noodles cooks in two minutes. Refreshing in light summer salads and nice in soups, in dashi - shoyu soy sauce kombu noodle broth, and pan-fried noodle dishes. Delicious seasoned with Eden Ponzu or Eden Soy Sauce, a dash of Eden Brown Rice Vinegar, Mirin, and Toasted Sesame Oil. Use in traditional one pot Japanese dishes like Nabe and Sukiyaki, and sweet and sour or hot and sour soups. They can be deep fried to make crispy chow mein noodles. Simply cooked and garnished with chopped scallion, Eden Nori Krinkles and Eden Shoyu Soy Sauce. This makes a great snack.

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