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Eden Organic Tea Basket
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Taking time for reflection and relaxation is wise. Encourage this with the most satisfying tea. From the Nagata plantation in Uji, Japan, to rose covered valleys of Bulgaria and Morocco, to mint and golden chamomile fields of Egypt, these organic teas are among the finest in the world and always a welcome.

EDEN Tea Basket is round 11" wide and 4" deep, two tone brown, wood slat handled basket filled with:

  • EDEN Organic Sencha - loose leaf green tea packed in a protective resealable pouch. Contains 2.25 oz (63g) - 13 servings.
  • A stainless steel, heart shaped infuser for use when steeping loose leaf tea. Fill the infuser into a cup of hot (not boiling) water and steep to taste.
  • Four boxed teas containing 16 tea bags: EDEN Organic Sencha Rose, EDEN Organic Hojicha Chai (roasted green tea spice blend), EDEN Organic Kukicha (roasted twig tea), and the classic herb tea, EDEN Organic Chamomile. They are portioned in oxygen washed manilla tea bags, with no chlorine bleach, glues, or plastics used. A crimped 100% cotton string is handy.
  • A 16 ounce tempered glass Eden Mug. A durable mug with an Eden logo etched on each side. It's not dainty and helps keep tea hot longer and iced tea cooler.

The flavor of tea, whether a true tea or an herbal infusion, reflects the soil, the season, and handling and curing after harvest. EDEN Organic Teas are exceptional due to organic dedication and traditional methods of the growers.

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