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Sweet Brown Rice Mochi, Organic, 100% Whole Grain
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Eden Brown Rice Mochi is 100% whole grain sweet brown rice, a type of very sticky rice Oryza glutinosa. A traditional stamina and renewing food that's laboriously multi-step made of sprouted, steamed, and pounded sweet brown rice. Mochi means 'pounded rice cake'. It's served for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, and as a potent snack. Mochi softens and puffs into moist, chewy cakes with a crisp crust from slow pan sizzling or when baked about 8 minutes.

For over a thousand years mochi has been a traditional celebratory food in Japan where it's thought to rejuvenate one's vitality, health, and strength. It is always served at New Year festivities and events celebrating births, birthdays, weddings, and special occasions. It is respectfully called 'O-mochi' meaning honorable.

Eden Brown Rice Mochi is made by the Kojima family who began making brown rice mochi in 1974 when only white rice mochi was available. Brown rice is washed, sprouted, soaked overnight, and steamed with reverse osmosis purified water. The sprouted steamed rice is ground into sticky dough and then pounded until smooth. The pounded mochi is spread in half-inch thick sheets and hardened in refrigeration for three days. The hardened mochi is sliced into cakes and steam vacuum packed for a two-year shelf life with no refrigeration needed for storage.

The large stone pounder is mechanically lifted and gravity dropped onto the steamed sweet rice which is deftly turned by hand between each cycle. Traditionally, and still during festivities today, hot glutinous sweet rice was placed in a smooth hollowed tree stump and pounded by two people using heavy wooden hammers. As the pounders alternated a third person would quickly turn the rice to mix it, a task demanding skill, strength, and good timing. The pounding enhances its energy.

Nutrition Facts

Eden Mochi is JAS (Japanese Agricultural Standards) certified organic whole grain sweet brown rice. The FDA says, "Diets rich in whole grain and other plant foods and low in total fat and cholesterol may reduce the risk of heart disease and some cancers." Eden Mochi is 100% whole grain, low fat and cholesterol free. It is sodium, wheat, and gluten free, rich in manganese, and a good source of magnesium.

Eden Sweet Brown Rice Mochi is extremely versatile. Pan cook with or without oil, bake, broil, grill, or deep fry until it puffs. Great as is or with a little shoyu, wrapped in nori sea vegetable, in miso soup, and it makes delightful waffles. Add cooked mochi to soup or stews after they're cooked for dumplings. Try the free recipes on this site - Pan Fried Mochi, Baked Mochi, Grilled Mochi, Steamed Mochi & Cabbage, Deep Fried Mochi, Mochi Miso Soup, and more.

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