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Wild Berry Mix, Organic
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Organic almonds and organic pumpkin seeds are dry roasted separately. After cooling the almonds and pumpkin seeds are mixed with raw organic sunflower seeds, organic Thompson raisins, organic EDEN Dried Wild Blueberries, and organic EDEN Dried Cranberries. No salt is added.

EDEN dried wild blueberries and cranberries are grown on organic family farms in Qu├ębec. The blueberries and cranberries are hand harvested, sorted, cleaned, flash frozen, infused with organic apple juice concentrate, slowly dried, and misted with organic sunflower oil to prevent clumping. Organic EDEN Wild Berry Mix contains no added refined sugars, refined oils, or sulfites.

Enjoyable, nourishing, and satisfying snack food with absolutely none of the negatives associated with commercial snacks.


Organic EDEN Wild Berry Mix was the recipient of Taste for Life magazine 2011 'Cruncher' award and Women's Health magazine awarded the "Best Packaged Foods For Women."

Nutrition Facts

Organic EDEN Wild Berry Mix is cholesterol free and very low sodium with no salt added. The nuts and seeds do contain some fat, but its the good ones like monounsaturated and polyunsaturated. Wild Berry Mix is a good source of healthy fiber and protein, rich in magnesium.

There are many health benefits in eating nuts and seeds. Tufts University in Boston found most of the nutrients in whole almonds and their skin, when taken together, offer significantly higher protection than when the skin and meat of the almond are not consumed together. University of California, Davis confirmed this, showing antioxidant compounds in almond skin and their vitamins provide positive health benefits when eaten with the meat of the almond. At Kings College in London research shows we get less fat from almonds than was previously thought. The study shows the cell wall of the almond may play an important role in the way the body absorbs the fat of the almond, since chewing almonds breaks down the cell wall, but at the same time leaves some of the almond intact. Dr. Karen Lapsley, senior nutritionist for the Almond Board of California says, "This is exciting new research. Because some of the almond remained intact, not all of the fat was released for digestion. This suggests that almonds may be a lower calorie food than suspected because not all of the calories from fat are absorbed."

USDA rates 'wild' blueberries #1 in antioxidant activity, and found the high phenolic content in cranberries delivers a potent antioxidant punch, rating it one of the highest of the 20 common fruits rated. USDA uses an Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (ORAC) system. By testing the ability of foods and compounds to subdue oxygen free radicals, USDA determines each compound's antioxidant capability. The ORAC value of wild blueberries is 2,400 and cranberries is 1,750.

Organic EDEN Wild Berry Mix is a delicious, healthy, versatile snack food that can be used to make granola, granola bars, muesli, put on hot and cold cereals, and in making popcorn balls and caramel corn.

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