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Wasabi Chips - Hot n' Spicy
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Eden Hot n' Spicy Wasabi Chips are crafted with a laborious and thoughtful process using carefully selected ingredients. Real Wasabi root, Japanese horseradish Wasabia japonica makes them hot and spicy.

Eden Hot n' Spicy Wasabi Chips are made with naturally dried vegetables and sea salt. The dough is formed, dried and baked into chips. Next the chips are flash fried in rice bran oil. After frying, centrifuge spinning removes excess oil producing crisp and light chips. While still warm, the chips are hand sorted and sprayed with a mixture of wasabi root powder and tamari soy sauce. A final oven bake hardens the glaze and cooks Eden Hot n' Spicy Wasabi Chips to perfection.

Wasabi has a biting, clean flavor and is a traditional condiment served with sushi and other Japanese dishes. A member of the cabbage family, wasabi is native to the islands of Japan where it is considered a national treasure. Deeply warming with a pungent flavor, wasabi is sometimes referred to as green mustard.

Eden Hot n' Spicy Wasabi Chips provide good food value and delicious flavor. Contains no artificial colors, flavorings or preservatives. Most packaged snacks are loaded with hydrogenated oil (trans fats), refined salt, sugar and preservatives. Eden Chips and crackers are a healthy choice.

If you like spicy food, you are sure to enjoy Eden Hot n' Spicy Wasabi Chips. Serve them just as you would corn or potato chips with your favorite pâté, chunky salsa or bean dip. A delicious, light and crispy, low fat, snack food. Their spicy flavor is sure to cause a sensation at any gathering.

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