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Shoyu Soy Sauce, Non-GMO, Imported
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Eden Shoyu Soy Sauce continues a legacy that began centuries ago - Shoyu made by brewing masters, heirs of the traditional old-fashioned way, skilled in the art of koji fermentation. Eden Shoyu is made with koji inoculated whole soybeans and wheat, pure water, and a fine sea salt, carefully tended in cedar casks through two cycles of the seasons at ambient temperatures in the same manner used for over 500 years.

Eden Traditionally Brewed Shoyu is the best of its kind available in America. Rich yet balanced vivid flavor. Eden shoyu is decisively better in every way. While tamari imparts its own flavor, shoyu harmonizes, blends, and enhances. Shoyu is the best type of soy sauce for cooking and table use.

Soy sauce should be chosen with care as one would choose a fine wine or extra virgin olive oil. The flavor and efficacy of natural shoyu cannot be duplicated in chemically produced soy sauce. Genuine soy sauce is very rare today. Commercial soy sauces are mainly GMO soy isolate, sugar, water, refined salt, caramel color, and genetically engineered enzymes instead of koji, force fermented in expedient, artificial conditions and made with soybeans defatted with hexane gas.

The discerning choice is Eden.

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