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Shoyu Soy Sauce, Non-GMO Organic, Imported, Amber Glass
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Eden Shoyu Soy Sauce continues a legacy that began centuries ago. It is made by shoyu brewing masters, heirs of the traditional old fashioned way, skilled in the art of koji fermentation handed down through generations. Made with koji (Aspergillus oryzae) inoculated whole soybeans and wheat, pure water and the finest sea salt, carefully tended and aged in cedar casks through two seasonal cycles at natural, ambient temperatures, in the same ancient and traditional manner used for over 500 years.

It is difficult to pinpoint exactly what it is that tastes good about shoyu. The most noticeable quality is not its own flavor, but rather its versatile ability to combine with, harmonize and enhance the flavor of other foods. The complex natural chemical makeup of shoyu gives it an extraordinary full and deep flavor. In addition to flavor, the irresistible aroma that shoyu contributes to food can make it smell delicious even before it's tasted. These qualities are a result of long, slow traditional fermentation.

Soy sauce should be chosen with care as one would choose a fine wine or extra virgin olive oil. The flavor and aroma of natural shoyu cannot be duplicated in chemically produced soy sauce. Today genuine soy sauce is rare. Most commercial soy sauces are mostly sugar, water, refined salt, caramel color, and genetically engineered organism derived enzymes, quickly fermented under temperature controlled artificial conditions. They are commonly made with genetically engineered soybeans, defatted with hexane.

In the 1960's George Ohsawa introduced macrobiotics to the West and first introduced a natural soy sauce that he called 'tamari'. This soy sauce was not a true tamari, but a soy sauce called 'shoyu' in Japan. The product he called 'tamari soy sauce' was made of soybeans, wheat, koji, water and salt. Mr. Ohsawa wanted to distinguish naturally processed soy sauce, traditional shoyu, from commercial, chemically processed soy sauces that were market under the name 'shoyu' at the time. He did not anticipate the introduction of real tamari into North America, as it was a rare commodity and byproduct of making hacho (soybean) miso. Purposely and unfortunately, misnaming the product 'tamari' eventually led to much linguistic confusion in the 1980s, when 'wheat free tamari' was introduced. Eden Shoyu is the traditional, naturally made, macrobiotic soy sauce.

Eden Shoyu Soy Sauce is bottled in amber glass to protect its deep color, fragrant bouquet and rich character. Each has a functional dispenser cap that delivers 'drops' or 'pours' as you desire.

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