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Lotus Root Slices - dried
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Lotus root has been used for centuries as a staple vegetable in Asian cooking, both fresh and dried. Eden Dried Lotus Root Slices are a convenient way to enjoy this popular healthful vegetable year round. When re-hydrated, the taste of the fresh vegetable is still there.

Lotus Nelumbo nucifera is usually cultivated for its root or 'rhizome' but the entire plant is edible. Originating in India, it was brought to China over 600 year ago. It was later introduced to Japan where it is known as 'renkon'. The lotus plant is a water lily with large green waxy leaves and beautiful pink and white flowers that shoot up above the water. Under the petals of the flowers is a pod containing seeds that fall into the water becoming imbedded in the mud of shallow ponds. The root of the lotus grows horizontally in segmented oblong, links. The segmented roots range in length from two to three feet with each segment ranging four to eight inches long and three to four inches thick. Inside are hollow tubes or air passages that run the entire length of each root segment in an attractive, symmetrical pattern. The root segments are brown on the outside and creamy white on the inside. Fresh lotus root has a crispy, crunchy texture and a sweet starchy flavor. Slicing fresh lotus root into thin rounds and sun drying them makes Eden Dried Lotus Root Slices.

Unlike commercial dried lotus root, Eden Dried Lotus Root is naturally and traditionally dried without the use of chemicals or bleaching agents.

Soaked, chopped and simmered Eden Dried Lotus Root Slices can also be used to make lotus root tea. Just strain and drink the hot liquid. The cooked lotus can be saved and added to rice, beans or vegetable dishes. Eden Dried Lotus Root can also be soaked and added to soups, stews and sautéed vegetable dishes for a delicious flavor and crunchy texture. Try in one of our favorite dishes, Vegetable Sauté, in the recipe section.

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