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Brown Rice Crackers
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Eden Brown Rice Crackers are made in Japan and artfully crafted in an 18 step process. Brown rice and the prized grain Job's tears (Coix lachryma-jobi) are first ground into flour and blended with black sesame seeds. This mixture is lightly steamed, formed into a dough and kneaded. The dough is placed in special cracker molds and baked several times over 48 hours using low heat. When thoroughly light and crisp the crackers are lightly misted with traditionally brewed tamari soy sauce. Oven baking a final time hardens the delicious glaze, producing a very crunchy and deeply nourishing snack.

Eden Brown Rice Crackers were awarded the prestigious Gold Medal at the All Japan Confectionery Exposition, an accomplishment acknowledging the sophistication and craftsmanship they embody.

Eden Brown Rice Crackers provide great food value and delicious flavor. They contain no artificial colors, flavorings or preservatives. Most crackers are made with highly refined and bleached flour, hydrogenated oil (trans fats), harsh salt, refined sugar and preservatives. Eden Crackers are made without oil, are low in fat, contain no saturated fat and are wheat free.

Serve Eden Brown Rice Crackers with your favorite bean, vegetable, or tofu dip, with fish pate', or with your favorite chunky salsa. They are especially delicious with a slice of cucumber or apple as a topping. Try them with apple butter, nut butter or fruit spread. Light, crispy and satisfying crackers packed with flavor.

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