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Nori Maki Rice Crackers - hand wrapped
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Eden Nori Maki Rice Crackers are beautiful, delicious nuggets made from simple, healthful ingredients expertly crafted. A special variety of rice called sweet brown rice Oryza glutinosa, known for its more glutinous sticky properties, is used to produce these crackers.

Whole sweet brown rice is soaked, steamed and pounded to produce mochi, a glutinous dough. The dough is spread out to dry and harden. It is then cut into small pieces and baked, As the mochi bakes it puffs up and hardens into perfect crispy crackers. The crackers are then glazed with traditionally brewed tamari soy sauce (soybeans, water and sea salt). Finally each cracker is hand wrapped with strips of premium grade nori seaweed.

Eden Nori Maki Rice Crackers are made in much the same manner as they have been for centuries. Only one step in this processed has changed. Instead of pounding the sweet brown rice by hand, a labor intensive process taking over one hour to produce a small amount of mochi, it is now pounded by machine to allow for a large production of these delicious, popular crackers. p Nori maki crackers are traditionally served in Japan as a fancy snack. They have a rich flavor and delightful crispy texture that family and friends will love. Serve plain or with your favorite dip.

Many of today's commercial snacks deplete energy and well being, as they are loaded with unnecessary refined carbohydrate ingredients, hydrogenated trans fats, harsh salt, refined sugar, chemical preservatives, dyes and processing aids of all sorts. Eden Nori Maki Rice Crackers are a delightful, satisfying and energizing alternative. Experience the difference, snack food that transcends the 'junk food' reality. Eden Nori Maki Rice Crackers are real healthy snack food.

Eden Nori Maki Rice Crackers provide great food value and benefit, with a natural crunch and salty, sweet flavor from wholesome ingredients and thoughtful preparation.

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