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Apple Strawberry Sauce, Organic
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The apples and strawberries in Eden Organic Apple Strawberry Sauce are organically grown on family owned orchards along the shores of the Great Lakes and berry patches in northern Michigan. After years of organic management, the healthy trees and soil in these beautiful orchards and patches produce the most delicious fruit we have tasted.

Eden Organic Apple Strawberry Sauce is made using traditional methods. The strawberries are harvested when perfectly ripe. The stems are removed by hand and they are washed and frozen. The whole frozen strawberries are shipped to our apple sauce maker and pureed. A select blend of apples are hand sorted, washed, peeled and cored, and chopped and sliced. Next is the steam cooker where they are cooked into sauce. The sauce is strained, mixed with the organic strawberry puree, packed into glass jars, and labeled.

Eden Organic Apple Strawberry Sauce is simply organically grown apples and strawberries without the need for sugar or other sweeteners, providing better flavor, better nutrition and peace of mind. Fat free, sodium free and cholesterol free. Contains no preservatives, made without any processing aids and without artificial coloring. Eden Organic Apple Strawberry Sauce is the healthier, wise choice.

It's good to be choosy when picking apples and apple products. The USDA has identified 35 insecticides, fungicides, and weed killers sprayed on apples, even though the Environmental Protection Agency considers them hazardous. Tests by the Environmental Working Group show that these chemicals do show up in supermarkets, so it is especially important to choose an organic apple you can trust.

Most commercial apple sauce and apple sauce blends contain refined sugar or high fructose corn syrup made from genetically engineered corn, red dye, and often list 'natural flavors' in the ingredient statement that are extracted using the toxic petrochemical hexane gas. Compared to 30 years ago, American consumption of high fructose corn syrup has increased 4,000 percent. It is cheaper than sugar or other sweeteners, and is used widely in the commercial food industry. Many researchers are pointing to the increased consumption of high fructose corn syrup as one, if not the, major cause of obesity in the U.S.

Scientific research has found that apples and apple juice contain a wealth of phytonutrients that have been found beneficial to health. A study conducted at Rochester, Minnesota's Mayo Clinic reported finding the "powerful antioxidant, quercetin, in apples and apple juice." Quercetin is one of the more potent antioxidants in apples. In the journal 'Nature', 2000, researchers at Cornell University reported that apple components had more antioxidant capability than a 1,500-milligram mega dose of vitamin C. "Scientists are interested in isolating single components, such as vitamin C, vitamin E, or beta carotene to see if they exhibit antioxidant benefits", says Dr. Rui Hai Liu at Cornell. "It turns out that none of those work alone. It's the combination of flavonoids and polyphenols [antioxidant phytonutrients found in apples] doing the work."

A six year Washington State University study comparing different types of apple production found that organic fruit growing techniques "are not only better for soil and the environment than their conventional chemical reliant counterpart, but have comparable yields and, for the organic system, higher profits and greater energy efficiency." The study also determined that organic fruit is sweeter and more delicious. In a study published in the 'Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry', Alyson Mitchell, Ph.D. a food scientist at the University of California, Davis says of a study she performed, "The results showed a significant increase in antioxidants in organic and sustainably grown foods versus conventionally grown berries. Sustainably and organically grown strawberries showed about 19 percent more antioxidants than conventionally grown strawberries. I found that the higher levels of antioxidants is enough to have a significant impact on health and nutrition, and it's definitely changed the way I think about my food."

According to the USDA-ARS Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging, strawberries are one of the top five antioxidant-rich fruits, while others rate it among the top three. Researchers have found strawberries to be packed with antioxidants, especially anthocyanins, the pigment that gives strawberries their red color. Strawberries also contain antioxidant polyphenols, especially ellagic acid, which is found only in a handful of fruits.

Eden Organic Apple Strawberry Sauce can be served as is or over pancakes and waffles. It's great with a little granola or chopped nuts sprinkled on top. It can also be used to make cakes and muffins; substitute half the sweetener with Eden Organic Apple Strawberry Sauce.

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