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Grape Butter, Organic
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Organic EDEN Grape Butter is 100% organic Concord grapes from a 20 year organic family vineyard's 100 year old vines on the shore of New York's Keuka Finger Lake. The Finger Lakes are long, narrow, glacier sculpted lakes running north/south near each other like the fingers of a hand. Exceptional grapes, tree fruit, and berries are produced in this area's microclimate and its rich, well drained, sandy loam soil.

Harvest and Production

Immediately after harvest the grapes are de-stemmed, lightly crushed, packed into drums, frozen, and shipped to our Michigan fruit butter making facility. They are thawed and steam jacket cooked into a thick purée. The purée is then slowly kettle cooked to a thick, rich, spreadable butter with deep purple color, sweet flavor, and an ambrosial aroma characteristic of these particular Concord grapes. Only slowly cooked, pure, whole, seeded fruit is in each 8 ounce glass jar.

Natural Potassium Bitartrate Crystallization

Potassium and tartaric acid are natural components of dark-skinned grapes. When the two bond in grape juice, grape butter, or wine they form soft potassium bitartrate crystals. In winemaking, potassium bitartrate crystals are referred to as wine diamonds, wine crystals, wine stones, or crystal flowers, which settle to the bottom of the cask or form on the underside of corks in wine bottles. In the kitchen potassium bitartrate is known as cream of tartar. In home processing of grape juice for making jams and jelly, grape juice is purposely chilled overnight to promote crystallization. It is then filtered through cheesecloth to remove the crystals. However, organic Eden Grape Butter is made from whole Concord grapes with no processing enzymes or additives, not from grape juice, so this crystallization can occur. The soft 'cream of tartar' crystals are unnoticeable when enjoyed on toast, muffins, pancakes and other foods.


The Concord grape was named after Concord, Massachusetts where in 1849 Mr. Ephraim Wales Bull crossed native American fox grapes Vitis labrusca with European stocks Vitis vinifera and Catawba, a red-blue cross between V. labrusca and V. vinifera. After evaluating more than 22,000 grafting results Mr. Bull chose the Concord grape that could withstand New England's cold. It won first place at the 1853 Boston Horticultural Society Exhibition. Original vines can be viewed at Mr. Bull's former residence in Concord.

Organic EDEN Concord Grape Butter is superb as a filling for pastries or thumb print style cookies. Refrigerate after opening.

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