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Concord Grape Juice, Organic
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Organic Eden Concord Grape Juice is pure fresh pressed, extraordinary juice made from Concord grapes grown on a 20 year organic family vineyard on the shore of New York's Keuka Finger Lake. This grower has cultivated Concord grapes since 1971 on 100 year old vines, organically since the late 1980s. In 1999 the formal process for organic certification was started and their vineyard was certified organic in 2002. A photograph of these grapes is on the front of the bottle's label.

Award Recipient

Organic Eden Concord Grape Juice was the recipient of the National Association of the Specialty Food Trade (NASFT) 'Outstanding Cold Beverage' sofi Award in 2011. Sofi or Specialty Outstanding Food Innovation Awards, are the highest, most coveted honor in the specialty food and beverage industry.

Harvesting and Production

Grapes are harvested in mid-October and simply pressed at a nearby sixth generation, certified organic juice press on the shore of Seneca Lake. Cooled juice is placed in stainless steel tanks in a cold room to prevent fermentation and to allow settling out of solids like naturally occurring potassium tartrate crystals (cream of tartar). After 72 hours the juice is skimmed, lightly filtered, and bottled at a minimum of 16 Brix in amber glass to protect its flavor, nutrients, and valuable color. Brix is a measure of sugars in foods. It is full strength, not watered down. The complete nutritional value is captured in organic Eden Concord Grape Juice.

Natural Potassium Bitartrate Crystallization

Potassium and tartaric acid are natural chemical components of dark-skinned grapes. When the two components bind together in grape juice or wine they form potassium bitartrate crystals that settle to the bottom. Chilled conditions increase crystallization, but is not necessary for this to occur. In winemaking, potassium bitartrate crystals are referred to as wine diamonds, wine crystals, wine stones, or crystal flowers, which settle to the bottom of the cask or form on the underside of corks in wine-filled bottles. In cooking, potassium bitartrate is known as cream of tartar. In home processing of grape juice for making jams and jelly, grape juice is purposely chilled overnight to promote crystallization. The chilled juice is then filtered through layers of cheesecloth to remove the crystals.

Today, most commercial grape juice and wine manufacturers use GMO derived enzymes and heavy filtering to remove potassium tartrate crystals. Organic Eden Concord Grape Juice is made without GMO enzymes or other additives, therefore this crystallization in Eden Concord grape juice can occur. Shake it before serving, its cloudiness and sediment are indicators of old-fashioned, lightly filtered juice.


New York's eleven Finger Lakes were glacier sculpted. The long, narrow lakes run north south near each other like the fingers of a hand. The areas micro climate with seasonal lake temperatures produce exceptional fruit. Gentle sloping hillsides provide good drainage of the sandy loam soil. Hot summers and abundant water complete conditions where grapes flourish.

The Concord grape was named after Concord, Massachusetts where in 1849 Mr. Ephraim Wales Bull crossed native American fox grapes Vitis labrusca with European stocks Vitis vinifera and Catawba, a red-blue cross between V. labrusca and V. vinifera. After evaluating more than 22,000 attempts Mr. Bull chose the Concord grape that could withstand New England's cold. It won first place at the 1853 Boston Horticultural Society Exhibition. Original vines can be viewed at Mr. Bull's former residence in Concord. In 1869 the first Concord grape juice was made by Dr. Thomas Bramwell Welch, a physician and minister who persuaded folks to use his nonalcoholic juice in communion services calling it 'Dr. Welch's Unfermented Wine'.

Nutrition Facts

Concord are plump grapes with dark blue-purple skin and large aromatic seeds that contain a wealth of antioxidants. Concord grape juice was recently ranked #1 in antioxidant benefit out of 1,000+ foods tested by USDA researchers and found especially high in proanthocyanidin flavonoids. University of Wisconsin Medical School reports Concord grape juice offers the same resveratrol heart health benefits as red wine. A University of California at Davis study found antioxidants in Concord grape juice stayed in the blood longer than those from red wine. They found alcohol hastened the breakdown of antioxidants in the blood causing them to be eliminated from the body almost one hour before those in Concord grape juice.

Organic Eden Concord Grape Juice captures complete antioxidant benefit. Refreshing and rejuvenating this juice is slightly tart and unlike other Concord grape juice. Serve organic Eden Concord Grape Juice chilled or at room temperature. Use it to make gelled desserts or grape jelly with Eden Agar Agar. Refrigerate after opening.

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