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Dried Apricots, Organic - unsulphured
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Organic EDEN Dried Apricots are made from California organic apricots, grown and processed on a family run orchard that has been growing and drying fruits for over 20 years.

After harvest the apricots are washed, hand sorted, sliced in half, pitted, placed on wooden drying trays, and then sun-dried until the moisture level reaches approximately 14 to 18 percent. The trays are then loaded into a dehydrator tunnel. The dehydrator employs gas heated air flow circulated over the apricots by use of large fans. When the moisture level has been reduced sufficiently, the dried apricots are visually inspected, packed, and shipped to Eden.

Organic EDEN Dried Apricots are made without sulfites, softening agents, or preservatives. Because they are not dried using sulfur dioxide (sulfites), their color is naturally orange/brown. Our apricots are naturally fat and sodium free. An excellent source of vitamin A, providing 45% Daily Value (DV) per 40g (about 6 piece) serving, and a good source of potassium, fiber, and iron.

Organic EDEN Dried Apricots are free of added refined sugars that are commonly added to dried fruits. They are naturally sweet and mildly tart. A healthy snack right out of the bag, and great for hiking and camping. Organic EDEN Dried Apricots are also delicious additions to salads, grain and vegetable dishes, stuffing, desserts, and baked goods. For a softer texture and for use in pie fillings and sauces, just soak in hot organic EDEN apple juice for an hour or two to re-hydrate. The soaking liquid can be used in preparing the filling or sauce as well.

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