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Recipe Name Prep Cook Cals Fat Protein Carb Fiber Sodium
Baked Acorn Squash with Bread Stuffing 10m 45m 372 7g 15g 70g 15g 383mg
Broiled Polenta Slices with Chunky Mushroom Marinara 2h 1h 294 9g 9g 48g 11g 531mg
Brown Rice & Mushroom Risotto 35m 1h 10m 214 4g 5g 46g 8g 81mg
Buckwheat with Sauerkraut & Dried Mushrooms 5m 20m 191 3g 7g 36g 8g 121mg
Butter Bean Mushroom Soup 20m 40m 204 5g 9g 35g 8g 350mg
Cannellini Bean & Mushroom Soup 25m 35m 189 7g 8g 31g 7g 433mg
Carrot Soup with Sliced Shiitake 20m 1h 123 5g 3g 23g 8g 246mg
Chinese Vegetable Lo Mein 30m 20m 297 7g 12g 55g 10g 485mg
Cream of Three Mushroom Soup 20m 30m 174 7g 8g 25g 6g 330mg
Curried Pumpkin & Shiitake Soup 10m 25m 117 4g 7g 23g 7g 201mg
Dashi - Dried Daikon, Shiitake and Kombu Stock 20m 15m 34 0g 1g 7g 3g 63mg
Dashi - Shiitake Mushroom Stock 20m 10m 7 0g 0g 1g 1g 7mg
Dried Daikon Vegetable Medley 20m 28m 162 0g 5g 33g 11g 292mg
Dried Daikon Vegetable Skillet 30m 40m 100 1g 7g 24g 10g 324mg
Dried Tofu for Sushi 20m 25m 28 2g 8g 6g 6g 389mg
Elbows & Whole Tomatoes 5m 10m 299 6g 13g 63g 15g 242mg
French Onion Soup 25m 35m 56 3g 5g 27g 6g 383mg
French Onion Soup with Mochi 30m 15m 135 3g 5g 36g 6g 453mg
Garbanzo, Leek & Pasta Soup 10m 20m 179 4g 10g 31g 9g 248mg
Kombu, Shiitake & Bonito Dashi (noodle broth) - Unseasoned 2m 5m 7 0g 1g 3g 0g 55mg
Kuzu & Mung Bean Noodle Hot Pot - Spiced 15m 30m 209 3g 7g 41g 7g 334mg
Lo Mein Noodles 20m 20m 212 5g 9g 34g 6g 322mg
Marinara with Mushrooms and Spaghetti 15m 30m 340 7g 14g 62g 13g 362mg
Mediterranean Vegetable Mushroom Lasagna with Tofu Ricotta 20m 1h 10m 232 10g 14g 26g 6g 383mg
Millet Miso Succotash 10m 30m 112 4g 7g 33g 7g 249mg
Miso Soup - Basic 10m 10m 26 0g 1g 5g 1g 335mg
Miso Soup - Hacho Vegetable 5m 15m 101 4g 12g 10g 5g 345mg
Miso Soup - Mugi Vegetable 5m 15m 100 4g 13g 15g 8g 448mg
Miso Soup - Pumpkin 10m 10m 30 0g 1g 6g 1g 346mg
Miso Soup - Shiitake Noodle 10m 15m 219 1g 9g 55g 5g 474mg
Miso Soup - Shiro Tofu & Carrot 10m 15m 159 8g 19g 10g 4g 252mg
Miso Soup - Shiro Vegetable 5m 15m 43 1g 3g 7g 3g 337mg
Miso Soup with Dried Tofu and Vegetables 10m 20m 73 3g 9g 14g 8g 347mg
Mushroom Consommé 8h 10m 2h 16 0g 8g 27g 17g 371mg
Mushroom Polenta with Spaghetti Sauce 1h 25m 25m 245 5g 10g 57g 16g 330mg
Mushroom Risotto 20m 10m 133 2g 5g 29g 7g 162mg
Mushroom Sauté with Lemon and Parsley 20m 20m 229 7g 9g 47g 15g 119mg
Mushroom Tetrazzini (pasta with mushroom sauce) 30m 45m 354 7g 17g 71g 12g 363mg
Mushroom Veggie Calzone 2h 15m 20m 403 13g 13g 76g 20g 290mg
Noodles and Broth with Vegetable Tempura 30m 35m 325 2g 14g 68g 12g 426mg
Noodles with Shiitake and Kombu Broth 25m 25m 191 1g 8g 37g 4g 468mg
Onion and Shiitake Pickles 24h 30m 0m 13 0g 2g 6g 3g 250mg
Oriental Vegetable and Shiitake Stir Fry 15m 15m 163 6g 12g 28g 13g 375mg
Oriental Vegetable Kuzu Sauce & Pasta 15m 30m 220 4g 9g 40g 6g 320mg
Pasta & Veggie Stir Fry 20m 10m 240 3g 10g 43g 7g 438mg
Pasta with Mushroom Sauce 25m 20m 323 7g 17g 66g 13g 231mg
Polenta with Maitake & Shiitake Marinara Sauce 25m 25m 286 9g 12g 59g 20g 394mg
Polenta with Shiitake White Sauce 1h 30m 20m 249 6g 12g 61g 18g 256mg
Quick Shiitake Marinara 10m 20m 116 5g 4g 16g 5g 316mg
Ribbon Pasta with Mushrooms and Basil Walnut Pesto 20m 35m 480 25g 16g 62g 13g 361mg
Ribbon Pasta with Mushrooms and Escarole 10m 25m 297 9g 12g 50g 9g 131mg
Rice & Red Quinoa California Roll (reverse sushi) 40m 20m 302 8g 6g 49g 10g 0mg
Rice & Red Quinoa Sushi 1h 20m 289 9g 6g 49g 7g 372mg
Rice and Barley with Mushrooms 30m 1h 286 7g 10g 66g 18g 104mg
Sauerkraut & Mushroom Soup 20m 30m 89 5g 3g 12g 4g 335mg
Scrambled Tofu 10m 12m 169 10g 15g 6g 1g 184mg
Shepherd's Pie 20m 35m 280 3g 12g 64g 11g 276mg
Shiitake and Vegetable Pickles 24h 30m 0m 14 0g 2g 6g 3g 250mg
Shiitake, Maitake and Spinach Turnovers 35m 30m 89 5g 2g 12g 3g 70mg
Sliced Shiitake Mushroom Gravy 10m 25m 16 1g 3g 10g 7g 110mg
Soba Noodle Bowl 0m 0m 383 12g 18g 53g 9g 776mg
Soba Noodles in Dashi Broth 10m 20m 255 3g 12g 51g 11g 490mg
Soba Stir Fry 10m 20m 396 15g 28g 60g 15g 462mg
Spanish Rice & Pinto Beans 20m 1h 267 9g 5g 45g 7g 387mg
Spelt & Dried Mushroom Risotto 30m 1h 20m 258 1g 14g 54g 13g 299mg
Spelt Ribbon Mushroom Stroganoff 15m 20m 408 16g 27g 51g 12g 417mg
Spelt Ribbon Pasta with Mushrooms and Escarole 10m 25m 297 9g 12g 50g 9g 131mg
Spelt Udon & Vegetable Stir Fry 15m 10m 257 7g 11g 44g 8g 508mg
Spelt Udon and Broth with Nori 20m 20m 208 1g 9g 39g 4g 557mg
Spinach Ribbon Mushroom Stroganoff 15m 20m 408 16g 27g 51g 12g 417mg
Sweet and Sour Onion & Shiitake Pickles 8h 10m 10m 38 0g 1g 6g 1g 400mg
Sweet and Sour Tofu & Vegetables 20m 15m 171 4g 11g 24g 3g 412mg
Sweet and Sour Vegetables with Pasta 10m 10m 420 18g 14g 56g 5g 355mg
Sweet Shiitake for Sushi 5m 10m 27 0g 2g 10g 3g 190mg
Tofu Mushroom Dumplings 30m 20m 150 4g 11g 22g 3g 398mg
Tofu, Maitake & Shiitake Sauté 25m 15m 208 9g 24g 34g 20g 254mg
Two Mushroom Marinara 10m 30m 129 5g 4g 19g 7g 316mg
Udon with Mushroom Marinara 10m 35m 377 9g 17g 65g 18g 571mg
Vegetable Pot Pie 30m 35m 495 26g 13g 64g 13g 292mg
Vegetable Stock 10m 1h 50 0g 1g 7g 2g 31mg
Vegetarian Paella 20m 1h 501 8g 15g 98g 18g 366mg
Vegetarian Sloppy Joe's 15m 1h 487 9g 19g 94g 12g 372mg
White Bean Vegetable Stew 15m 30m 152 4g 7g 28g 11g 252mg
White Kidney Bean & Rice Soup 15m 40m 136 4g 5g 24g 5g 262mg
Whole Tomato Rigatoni Pasta 5m 20m 299 6g 13g 63g 15g 242mg
Wild Rice with Shiitake, Dried Fruit & Walnuts 10m 1h 370 12g 9g 68g 10g 95mg