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Recipe Name Prep Cook Cals Fat Protein Carb Fiber Sodium
Chinese Vegetable Lo Mein 30m 20m 297 7g 12g 55g 10g 485mg
Hiziki with Sweet Potatoes & Black Soybeans 10m 20m 208 9g 11g 25g 8g 462mg
Kamut Udon & Mushroom Stir Fry 15m 25m 284 7g 13g 43g 4g 434mg
Kamut Udon Veggie Stir Fry 10m 15m 278 6g 13g 44g 5g 235mg
Kombu, Shiitake & Bonito Dashi (noodle broth) - Unseasoned 2m 5m 7 0g 1g 3g 0g 55mg
Lo Mein Noodles 20m 20m 212 5g 9g 34g 6g 322mg
Miso Soup - Daikon & Noodle 20m 12m 229 2g 10g 43g 5g 315mg
Miso Soup - Pumpkin 10m 10m 30 0g 1g 6g 1g 346mg
Noodle Salad with Sesame Dressing 15m 20m 224 8g 8g 31g 4g 267mg
Noodles and Broth with Stir Fried Vegetables & Spicy Nori 20m 30m 337 7g 17g 60g 13g 944mg
Noodles with Kombu Bonito Flake Broth 10m 20m 193 1g 8g 37g 5g 468mg
Noodles with Shiitake and Kombu Broth 25m 25m 191 1g 8g 37g 4g 468mg
Pasta & Veggie Stir Fry 20m 10m 240 3g 10g 43g 7g 438mg
Pasta Presto 5m 10m 252 7g 9g 39g 3g 329mg
Sesame Pasta with Vegetables 15m 10m 289 9g 10g 43g 4g 600mg
Spelt Udon and Broth with Nori 20m 20m 208 1g 9g 39g 4g 557mg
Udon Alfredo 10m 25m 237 6g 10g 39g 4g 281mg
Udon Chow Mein 15m 25m 214 2g 9g 42g 5g 407mg
Udon with Basil Pine Nut Pesto 10m 15m 303 12g 12g 39g 3g 56mg
Udon with Mushroom Marinara 10m 35m 377 9g 17g 65g 18g 571mg
Udon with Olives and Fresh Herbs 15m 10m 321 12g 11g 44g 7g 196mg
Whole Grain Udon with Pickled Ginger 10m 10m 240 3g 10g 44g 6g 344mg
Winter Udon (Kitsune Udon) 30m 15m 352 15g 14g 42g 7g 410mg