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Recipe Name Prep Cook Cals Fat Protein Carb Fiber Sodium
Aduki Bean Soup 10m 25m 222 0g 13g 41g 10g 183mg
Aduki Ginger Dip 5m 0m 55 0g 3g 10g 3g 303mg
Alphabet Minestrone Soup 15m 25m 189 3g 8g 30g 6g 341mg
Apple Cherry Granola Crunch 10m 10m 204 6g 3g 38g 4g 33mg
Apple Cherry Melon Berry Kanten 1h 10m 5m 94 0g 0g 24g 2g 46mg
Apple Cherry Pudding 5m 5m 150 0g 1g 37g 3g 66mg
Apple Grape Juice Kanten 1h 20m 10m 62 0g 0g 16g 1g 130mg
Arame Salad with Tofu Garlic Dressing 20m 10m 138 4g 11g 15g 6g 190mg
Arame Salad with Tofu Sour Cream Dressing 15m 15m 92 3g 8g 8g 5g 163mg
Arame Stuffed Mushroom Caps 20m 25m 71 1g 4g 15g 4g 256mg
Arame Vegetable Sauté 10m 20m 90 4g 2g 12g 3g 121mg
Arame with Dried Lotus Root 10m 30m 171 1g 5g 37g 12g 332mg
Asparagus with Wasabi Dressing 5m 5m 70 4g 3g 7g 1g 81mg
Assorted Matcha Cookie Bites 20m 20m 52 2g 1g 7g 1g 38mg
Baby Carrots with Dried Montmorency Cherries 5m 15m 116 3g 1g 23g 3g 88mg
Baked Acorn Squash with Bread Stuffing 10m 45m 372 7g 15g 70g 15g 383mg
Baked Stuffed Apples 10m 40m 207 9g 4g 32g 5g 67mg
Barbecue Sauce 5m 0m 59 1g 2g 12g 2g 176mg
Barbecued Shish Kebobs 15m 25m 411 15g 24g 43g 9g 231mg
Barbecued Tempeh 10m 25m 593 22g 42g 53g 13g 229mg
Barley Mushroom Soup 20m 30m 161 1g 8g 30g 8g 357mg
Basic Brown Rice 5m 1h 227 3g 4g 49g 4g 24mg
Basic Millet 10m 35m 252 3g 7g 49g 8g 49mg
Basic Quinoa 5m 15m 240 5g 9g 39g 15g 55mg
Basil and Arugula Pesto with Kamut Spirals 40m 10m 337 16g 13g 37g 7g 105mg
Basil Miso Pesto with Ziti Rigati 5m 12m 366 17g 11g 46g 6g 115mg
Basil Tomato Pesto 5m 0m 157 15g 4g 6g 1g 139mg
Basil Walnut Pesto 5m 0m 111 11g 2g 3g 0g 104mg
Bean & Rice Burritos with Fresh Salsa 15m 15m 468 9g 16g 86g 13g 633mg
Bean and Rice Burritos with Fresh Salsa 15m 10m 400 6g 14g 73g 9g 427mg
Berry Cherry Granola Squares 20m 40m 183 6g 2g 32g 3g 101mg
Black Bean Feijoada 10m 30m 133 2g 7g 21g 7g 357mg
Black Bean Ginger Dip 5m 0m 55 0g 3g 10g 3g 303mg
Black Bean Miso Soup 10m 10m 135 5g 11g 13g 9g 376mg
Black Bean Salsa with Tomatoes & Jalapeño 10m 0m 54 0g 3g 9g 3g 84mg
Black Bean Tomato Chili Salsa 5m 0m 146 5g 12g 15g 8g 228mg
Black Eyed Pea & Ditalini Pasta Salad 1h 20m 10m 168 6g 6g 24g 4g 155mg
Black Eyed Pea & Kamut Elbow Pasta Salad 20m 10m 366 10g 15g 56g 10g 431mg
Black Eyed Pea Salad - New Year's 1h 20m 0m 162 5g 7g 25g 5g 148mg
Black Sesame Flan 2h 15m 165 6g 5g 23g 2g 44mg
Black Soybean Alphabet Salad 3h 10m 10m 276 13g 14g 29g 8g 299mg
Black Soybean Croquettes 15m 15m 491 34g 13g 38g 9g 468mg
Black Soybean Dip with Fresh Jalapeno Pepper 10m 0m 89 6g 6g 5g 4g 77mg
Black Soybean Hummus 5m 0m 87 6g 5g 5g 3g 89mg
Black Soybean Rice 3m 1h 278 7g 12g 44g 9g 57mg
Black Soybean Spread/Dip 5m 0m 41 2g 3g 3g 3g 134mg
Black Soybean Tomato Dip 10m 0m 108 6g 7g 8g 5g 349mg
Black Soybean Wrap and Sushi 5m 10m 142 5g 7g 27g 2g 228mg
Black Soybeans with Bok Choy & Ginger 5m 5m 126 6g 10g 10g 7g 201mg
Blueberry Peach Pie 20m 45m 156 8g 2g 23g 3g 86mg
Blueberry Pie 10m 45m 149 7g 1g 22g 3g 37mg
Boston Baked Beans 15m 35m 147 0g 7g 30g 6g 171mg
Botana (Refried Bean Dip) with Corn Chips & Toppings 10m 20m 224 11g 7g 28g 6g 438mg
Bread & Sauerkraut Stuffed Mushrooms 15m 25m 65 2g 4g 9g 2g 241mg
Broiled Polenta Slices with Chunky Mushroom Marinara 2h 1h 294 9g 9g 48g 11g 531mg
Brown Rice & Mushroom Risotto 35m 1h 10m 214 4g 5g 46g 8g 81mg
Brown Rice & Red Quinoa Patties 20m 50m 227 6g 7g 36g 6g 255mg
Brown Rice and Chickpeas with Tekka 5m 1h 298 4g 8g 60g 7g 73mg
Brown Rice Salad 10m 0m 124 1g 3g 25g 3g 194mg
Brown Rice Sushi Roll (Nori Maki) 40m 20m 428 8g 15g 78g 27g 184mg
Brown Rice with Kukicha 5m 1h 247 4g 4g 49g 4g 44mg
Buckwheat and Sauerkraut 5m 25m 248 5g 8g 46g 7g 228mg
Buckwheat Crepes 15m 15m 72 1g 3g 13g 2g 39mg
Buckwheat Garbanzo Tabouli 10m 20m 294 11g 9g 40g 8g 550mg
Buckwheat Noodle Salad 10m 10m 192 1g 7g 43g 6g 440mg
Buckwheat Noodle Stir Fry 10m 10m 241 7g 7g 40g 3g 380mg
Buckwheat Pasta with Tahini Onion Sauce 10m 20m 277 8g 9g 45g 6g 223mg
Buckwheat Vegetable Salad 10m 35m 287 12g 8g 39g 7g 558mg
Buckwheat Vegetable Salad with Sauerkraut 10m 20m 262 8g 7g 40g 8g 232mg
Buckwheat with Sauerkraut & Dried Mushrooms 5m 20m 191 3g 7g 36g 8g 121mg
Buckwheat with Sautéed Vegetables & Sauerkraut 10m 25m 250 7g 8g 46g 8g 250mg
Burdock & Carrot Sauté 10m 30m 143 6g 11g 11g 5g 190mg
Butter Bean Mushroom Soup 20m 40m 204 5g 9g 35g 8g 350mg
Butter Bean Soup with Bonito Flakes 10m 25m 94 0g 6g 16g 4g 240mg
Butter Bean Soup with Corn & Spinach 10m 25m 94 0g 6g 16g 4g 240mg
California Roll (Reverse Sushi Roll) 30m 30m 526 14g 11g 86g 18g 170mg
Candied Parsnips & Sweet Potatoes with Greens 30m 1h 126 2g 2g 26g 4g 122mg
Cannellini Bean & Mushroom Soup 25m 35m 189 7g 8g 31g 7g 433mg
Caramel Corn 10m 15m 250 20g 4g 38g 3g 65mg
Caramel Corn with Peanuts 10m 3m 230 21g 4g 35g 4g 53mg
Caribbean Black Bean Soup 10m 20m 137 3g 8g 26g 9g 246mg
Carob Almond Pudding with Strawberry Topping 1h 5m 282 11g 8g 39g 5g 77mg
Carob Mocha Freeze 2h 5m 10m 192 2g 4g 39g 2g 87mg
Carrot and Red Onion Pickles 24h 30m 0m 9 0g 0g 1g 0g 453mg
Carrot Soup with Sliced Shiitake 20m 1h 123 5g 3g 23g 8g 246mg
Cauliflower with Miso Sauce 10m 20m 217 11g 8g 23g 4g 323mg
Cherry Blueberry Fruit Bars 15m 40m 296 12g 3g 46g 4g 284mg
Cherry Pie - Dried Montmorency 1h 30m 25m 254 7g 2g 50g 4g 148mg
Cherry Pie Filling - Dried Montmorency 1h 30m 186 0g 1g 48g 4g 85mg
Cherry Pie Filling - Fresh Cherries 15m 10m 86 1g 1g 20g 1g 20mg
Cherry Tart with Oatmeal Crust 40m 30m 408 12g 5g 74g 7g 205mg
Chili - Mild Four Bean 10m 30m 341 6g 21g 53g 17g 393mg
Chili For Two 10m 25m 245 3g 12g 40g 13g 429mg
Chili with Quinoa 10m 25m 248 3g 13g 39g 12g 358mg
Chilled Noodles with Peanut Sauce & Spinach 3h 10m 12m 331 12g 13g 45g 4g 169mg
Chilled Summer Soba 1h 10m 30m 216 2g 10g 42g 5g 683mg
Chinese Vegetable Lo Mein 30m 20m 297 7g 12g 55g 10g 485mg
Chocolate Pudding 5m 0m 230 4g 9g 40g 2g 134mg
Chocolate Pudding Fruit Parfait 1h 10m 375 5g 11g 77g 8g 136mg
Chocolate Pudding Pie 30m 45m 211 10g 6g 26g 2g 227mg
Cold Sesame Udon with Broccoli 25m 15m 269 5g 10g 46g 5g 456mg
Cold Soba Noodles (Zaru Soba) 10m 20m 235 3g 12g 55g 4g 1346mg
Confetti Pasta Salad 20m 10m 378 9g 22g 53g 15g 469mg
Corn on the Cob with Pickled Plum 3m 5m 45 1g 2g 10g 1g 274mg
Couscous Cake with Dried Fruit Topping 3h 10m 15m 317 1g 8g 77g 6g 47mg
Couscous Salad with Tahini Parsley Dressing 15m 5m 449 7g 17g 79g 7g 250mg
Couscous Salad with Tahini Scallion Dressing 15m 5m 403 17g 7g 48g 7g 218mg
Cranberry and Dried Cherry Sauce 5m 15m 108 0g 1g 28g 3g 28mg
Cranberry Coffee Cake 20m 45m 129 5g 3g 19g 1g 282mg
Cranberry Sauce - Fresh Cranberries 5m 20m 71 0g 1g 19g 3g 27mg
Cream of Carrot Dill Soup with Nori Garnish 10m 15m 191 6g 7g 28g 4g 344mg
Cream of Celery Soup 10m 20m 146 6g 3g 19g 3g 296mg
Cream of Mushroom Soup 20m 30m 177 6g 8g 25g 4g 322mg
Cream of Three Mushroom Soup 20m 30m 174 7g 8g 25g 6g 330mg
Creamy Horseradish Dressing 5m 0m 36 2g 3g 2g 0g 161mg
Creamy Miso Alfredo Sauce 10m 15m 132 8g 6g 10g 1g 285mg
Creamy Tofu Dressing 5m 0m 66 3g 7g 2g 0g 410mg
Crostini with Lentil Paté 20m 5m 229 7g 7g 40g 2g 0mg
Crostini with Pesto & Tomatoes 10m 10m 153 8g 4g 17g 2g 200mg
Cucumber Salad 1h 10m 0m 45 1g 1g 9g 2g 378mg
Curried Cabbage & Arame 5m 15m 63 3g 3g 9g 3g 341mg
Curried Pumpkin & Shiitake Soup 10m 25m 117 4g 7g 23g 7g 201mg
Curried Rice 10m 1h 10m 340 6g 6g 71g 8g 62mg
Custard Filling 2m 5m 97 3g 6g 12g 1g 73mg
Daikon and Shiitake Soup 15m 15m 30 0g 1g 6g 4g 297mg
Daikon Vegetable Sauté 20m 35m 192 4g 4g 34g 10g 294mg
Dashi - Dried Daikon, Shiitake and Kombu Stock 20m 15m 34 0g 1g 7g 3g 63mg
Dashi - Shiitake Mushroom Stock 20m 10m 7 0g 0g 1g 1g 7mg
Deep Fried Tofu (For Sushi, Soups & Stews) 5m 25m 190 16g 12g 2g 0g 320mg
Deep-Fried Black Soybean Mochi Puffs 5m 10m 115 1g 4g 26g 2g 362mg
Ditalini Pasta with Pistachio Basil Pesto 7m 10m 299 11g 13g 40g 7g 204mg
Dried Daikon and Vegetables 20m 25m 99 1g 3g 19g 6g 207mg
Dried Daikon Vegetable Medley 20m 28m 162 0g 5g 33g 11g 292mg
Dried Daikon Vegetable Skillet 30m 40m 100 1g 7g 24g 10g 324mg
Dried Lotus & Dried Tofu Sauté 30m 25m 120 4g 8g 21g 7g 184mg
Dried Lotus, Dried Daikon & Dried Tofu Sauté 25m 30m 120 4g 19g 21g 7g 184mg
Dried Tofu for Sushi 20m 25m 28 2g 8g 6g 6g 389mg
Dried Tofu Sauté 15m 25m 159 7g 15g 33g 15g 362mg
Dulse Miso Soup 10m 10m 112 4g 10g 9g 2g 573mg
Dulse Vegetable Chowder 10m 20m 162 2g 4g 30g 7g 390mg
Easy Baked Beans 5m 30m 144 3g 5g 23g 6g 287mg
Eden Shake California Roll 30m 20m 890 10g 15g 168g 22g 576mg
Eggless No Bake Pumpkin Pie 20m 7m 317 8g 3g 60g 1g 290mg
Elbows & Whole Tomatoes 5m 10m 299 6g 13g 63g 15g 242mg
Falafel In Pita Bread with Tahini Umeboshi Dressing 15m 30m 720 19g 24g 117g 17g 479mg
Five Bean Salad 4h 15m 0m 344 13g 18g 43g 14g 317mg
Five Bean Soup 10m 40m 242 5g 12g 40g 9g 277mg
Flax Rice Spiral Pasta Salad 10m 10m 325 14g 9g 42g 4g 362mg
French Onion Soup 25m 35m 56 3g 5g 27g 6g 383mg
French Onion Soup with Mochi 30m 15m 135 3g 5g 36g 6g 453mg
French Toast w/o Egg 10m 15m 269 12g 7g 36g 4g 271mg
Fresh Garden Salad with Miso Tahini Orange Dressing 10m 0m 88 5g 3g 10g 2g 240mg
Fried Peppers & Onions 10m 12m 39 2g 1g 5g 1g 43mg
Fried Rice and Beans 5m 10m 407 10g 12g 68g 9g 272mg
Fried Rice, Kidney Beans & Corn 5m 5m 150 3g 4g 25g 3g 271mg
Fruit Pie - Dried 15m 45m 330 15g 2g 50g 4g 214mg
Fruit Salad with Green Tea Kanten 1h 10m 5m 35 0g 1g 8g 2g 386mg
Garbanzo & Tomato Gazpacho 1h 15m 0m 193 2g 11g 31g 9g 342mg
Garbanzo Basil Hummus 5m 0m 149 7g 7g 16g 4g 128mg
Garbanzo Bean Basil Pesto 5m 0m 169 15g 5g 7g 2g 106mg
Garbanzo Carrot Salad 15m 0m 260 11g 12g 30g 7g 268mg
Garbanzo, Leek & Pasta Soup 10m 20m 179 4g 10g 31g 9g 248mg
Garbanzo, Rice and Spinach Soup 20m 45m 167 6g 6g 23g 4g 196mg
Gemelli Pasta with Basil Pine Nut Pesto 10m 10m 357 16g 9g 45g 5g 173mg
Gemelli Pasta with Pumpkin Seed Pesto 10m 10m 215 3g 7g 39g 8g 472mg
Genmaicha Kanten 1h 2m 5m 63 0g 0g 15g 2g 48mg
Gingered Green Beans with Almonds 20m 12m 101 5g 4g 12g 6g 124mg
Golden Tofu Nuggets 15m 10m 153 10g 14g 2g 0g 261mg
Grape Juice Kanten 1h 20m 10m 80 0g 0g 20g 1g 52mg
Grape Peanut Mochi Crisps 5m 10m 243 13g 7g 28g 2g 113mg
Greek Marinated Garbanzo Beans 8h 10m 0m 229 15g 7g 18g 5g 271mg
Green Beans in Spicy Miso Sauce 10m 10m 117 4g 4g 20g 5g 252mg
Green Goddess Dressing 5m 0m 58 2g 2g 8g 1g 411mg
Green Tea and Rice Soup (O-cha-zuke) 3m 2m 132 2g 2g 28g 3g 257mg
Green Tea Over Deep Fried Mochi 5m 7m 236 3g 6g 50g 3g 387mg
Green Tea with Citrus 2m 5m 0 0g 0g 0g 0g 7mg
Green Tea with Mochi & Umeboshi 5m 5m 6 1g 2g 25g 2g 196mg
Grilled Herbed Sweet Corn 10m 10m 106 8g 2g 10g 1g 158mg
Hiziki & Dried Cherry Salad with Miso Dressing 15m 10m 140 5g 4g 22g 4g 235mg
Hiziki Pinwheels 10m 25m 236 10g 5g 31g 2g 236mg
Hiziki Potato Salad with Horseradish Dressing 10m 20m 136 3g 6g 22g 3g 442mg
Hiziki Vegetable Sauté 20m 35m 51 2g 1g 7g 2g 278mg
Hiziki with Dried Daikon 15m 35m 65 2g 2g 10g 3g 244mg
Hiziki with Dried Tofu 10m 35m 146 6g 12g 11g 6g 226mg
Hiziki with Sweet Potatoes & Black Soybeans 10m 20m 208 9g 11g 25g 8g 462mg
Hojicha Chai 3m 5m 128 2g 4g 22g 0g 63mg
Hojicha Mint Tea 2m 5m 37 0g 0g 9g 0g 9mg
Holiday Stollen 1h 25m 25m 313 15g 6g 44g 4g 80mg
Hollandaise Sauce 5m 5m 101 8g 3g 5g 0g 149mg
Honey Mustard Sauce 5m 0m 30 0g 0g 8g 0g 196mg
Hot Pepper Black Soy Bean Dip 5m 0m 138 7g 12g 9g 8g 33mg
Hot Pepper Sesame Marinade 5m 0m 33 3g 1g 1g 0g 410mg
Hot Thai Noodle Salad 1h 10m 10m 136 4g 3g 23g 1g 249mg
Hummus (canned chick peas) 5m 0m 224 9g 11g 26g 6g 468mg
Hummus with Roasted Red Peppers 5m 0m 224 9g 10g 25g 6g 468mg
Indian Pudding 10m 1h 40m 218 3g 5g 45g 2g 92mg
Indonesian Peanut Pasta 10m 15m 349 12g 16g 46g 9g 334mg
Italian Bean and Pasta Soup 10m 20m 158 3g 7g 27g 8g 390mg
Italian Cannellini Bean Soup 15m 30m 175 4g 8g 27g 7g 316mg
Italian Four Bean Salad 8h 10m 5m 162 5g 7g 20g 7g 361mg
Italian Hot Wheat Ball (Seitan) Sandwiches 25m 15m 308 5g 12g 59g 11g 285mg
Italian Pasta Salad 10m 10m 547 12g 10g 51g 7g 408mg
Italian Salad Dressing 5m 0m 77 7g 1g 4g 0g 194mg
Jamaican Bean and Vegetable Salad 2h 20m 0m 348 21g 10g 33g 10g 194mg
Japanese Noodles with Pickled Ginger 10m 20m 240 3g 9g 44g 5g 344mg
Kale & Red Onions with Garlic and Lemon 15m 10m 69 4g 3g 7g 0g 200mg
Kale with Peanut Mustard Dressing 5m 2m 137 9g 7g 12g 1g 247mg
Kamut Lentil Salad with Red Wine Vinaigrette 10m 50m 385 14g 13g 55g 4g 298mg
Kamut Pasta Salad 10m 10m 384 18g 11g 39g 7g 460mg
Kamut Soba & Vegetable Salad with Shoyu Ginger Dressing 15m 10m 262 7g 14g 36g 4g 294mg
Kamut Spaghetti with Miso Pesto 10m 10m 338 12g 16g 50g 8g 104mg
Kamut Spaghetti with Mushroom Marinara 15m 45m 362 8g 15g 58g 12g 360mg
Kamut Spiral Pasta Salad with Broccoli and Peanuts 10m 20m 283 19g 12g 20g 8g 429mg
Kamut Udon & Mushroom Stir Fry 15m 25m 284 7g 13g 43g 4g 434mg
Kamut Udon Veggie Stir Fry 10m 15m 278 6g 13g 44g 5g 235mg
Kasha Varnitshkes (Sautéed Buckwheat and Pasta) 5m 35m 320 7g 13g 52g 7g 205mg
Kidney Bean & Garbanzo Minestrone Soup 10m 30m 181 3g 9g 31g 7g 343mg
Kidney Bean Spread 5m 0m 67 0g 5g 12g 6g 134mg
Kidney Bean Spread with Tomatoes 5m 0m 67 0g 5g 12g 6g 134mg
Kombu Dashi (Traditional Japanese Soup Stock) 3m 7m 5 0g 0g 1g 0g 52mg
Kombu, Shiitake & Bonito Dashi (noodle broth) - Unseasoned 2m 5m 7 0g 1g 3g 0g 55mg
Kombu, Shiitake, Bonito Flake Dashi (noodle broth) - Seasoned 5m 25m 26 0g 1g 3g 0g 383mg
Kuzu & Mung Bean Noodle Hot Pot - Spiced 15m 30m 209 3g 7g 41g 7g 334mg
Kuzu Noodle Salad with Sesame Dressing 10m 20m 189 6g 3g 32g 2g 145mg
Kuzu Noodles in Chilled Broth 1h 20m 20m 236 0g 1g 56g 4g 369mg
Lemon Custard 5m 5m 114 2g 5g 21g 1g 63mg
Lentil Paté 10m 5m 157 2g 10g 22g 5g 298mg
Lentil Squash Soup 10m 1h 182 5g 10g 24g 6g 346mg
Lentil Vegetable Soup 10m 30m 132 3g 6g 19g 4g 272mg
Lo Mein Noodles 20m 20m 212 5g 9g 34g 6g 322mg
Lotus Root Tea 2m 3m 15 0g 0g 3g 0g 139mg
Macaroni Salad 1h 10m 15m 212 6g 8g 34g 4g 350mg
Maitake Marinara and Spaghetti 10m 25m 209 6g 8g 32g 12g 270mg
Maitake Mushroom & Asparagus Sauté 15m 15m 105 4g 5g 14g 7g 251mg
Maitake Mushroom & Asparagus Stir Fry 20m 10m 94 3g 4g 14g 7g 210mg
Maitake Mushroom Hot Pot 20m 12m 189 6g 18g 15g 7g 291mg
Maitake Mushrooms, Asparagus and Tofu Sauté 20m 27m 182 9g 17g 10g 4g 180mg
Manicotti Stuffed with Tofu Ricotta 20m 1h 362 14g 23g 38g 4g 586mg
Maple Almond Mochi Puffs 5m 10m 293 7g 6g 55g 3g 36mg
Maple Raspberry Custard 1h 10m 12m 135 2g 4g 27g 2g 57mg
Marinara with Mushrooms and Spaghetti 15m 30m 340 7g 14g 62g 13g 362mg
Matcha Kanten 45m 5m 8 0g 0g 2g 2g 11mg
Mediterranean Marinated Beans 2h 15m 0m 308 14g 12g 33g 11g 372mg
Mediterranean Pasta Salad 10m 10m 412 11g 9g 42g 5g 198mg
Mediterranean Vegetable Mushroom Lasagna with Tofu Ricotta 20m 1h 10m 232 10g 14g 26g 6g 383mg
Mekabu Cucumber Orange Salad 25m 0m 60 5g 1g 3g 1g 315mg
Mild Pinto Bean Dip 5m 0m 37 0g 2g 7g 2g 67mg
Millet and Sweet Vegetables 10m 35m 317 6g 9g 57g 7g 60mg
Millet Mashed Potatoes 10m 35m 201 4g 6g 35g 5g 85mg
Millet Mashed Potatoes with Mushroom Gravy 15m 35m 347 11g 16g 49g 10g 353mg
Millet Miso Porridge 5m 40m 259 6g 7g 45g 6g 319mg
Millet Miso Succotash 10m 30m 112 4g 7g 33g 7g 249mg
Millet Soup 10m 40m 140 3g 5g 25g 4g 154mg
Millet Squash Porridge 10m 35m 422 8g 11g 76g 9g 70mg
Millet with Black Beans & Vegetables 20m 30m 373 20g 12g 40g 10g 156mg
Minestrone Soup 10m 25m 197 2g 11g 35g 10g 305mg
Mint Quinoa with Crunchy Pine Nuts 10m 20m 222 12g 8g 22g 9g 316mg
Minted Couscous with Pine Nuts & Chickpeas 10m 5m 402 11g 15g 61g 8g 340mg
Miso Almond Orange Dressing 10m 0m 58 5g 2g 3g 1g 96mg
Miso Leek Spread 10m 15m 89 6g 2g 7g 2g 115mg
Miso Marinade 5m 0m 17 0g 1g 2g 0g 222mg
Miso Mustard 5m 0m 8 0g 0g 1g 0g 351mg
Miso Mustard Dressing 5m 0m 43 2g 2g 5g 1g 301mg
Miso Pesto Pasta 10m 10m 249 11g 10g 31g 4g 104mg
Miso Pesto with Rigati Pasta 5m 10m 326 12g 11g 46g 6g 115mg
Miso Salad Dressing 10m 0m 13 0g 1g 2g 1g 233mg
Miso Scallion Spread 5m 10m 24 2g 0g 2g 1g 57mg
Miso Soft Rice Porridge 25m 20m 224 2g 6g 46g 7g 347mg
Miso Soup (Ozoni Japanese New Year) 10m 15m 207 2g 6g 43g 6g 473mg
Miso Soup - Basic 10m 10m 26 0g 1g 5g 1g 335mg
Miso Soup - Broccoli & Shiitake 20m 10m 48 1g 3g 9g 4g 447mg
Miso Soup - Croutons 15m 35m 105 3g 4g 18g 4g 399mg
Miso Soup - Daikon & Noodle 20m 12m 229 2g 10g 43g 5g 315mg
Miso Soup - Dried Tofu 25m 20m 129 5g 12g 10g 10g 327mg
Miso Soup - Genmai Vegetable 5m 15m 58 3g 8g 7g 5g 446mg
Miso Soup - Hacho Vegetable 5m 15m 101 4g 12g 10g 5g 345mg
Miso Soup - Instant 5m 4m 15 0g 1g 2g 1g 279mg
Miso Soup - Instant One Cup 5m 2m 16 1g 1g 2g 1g 449mg
Miso Soup - Kidney Bean 20m 1h 25m 36 1g 9g 28g 12g 236mg
Miso Soup - Mugi Vegetable 5m 15m 100 4g 13g 15g 8g 448mg
Miso Soup - One Cup 5m 5m 84 4g 9g 4g 1g 290mg
Miso Soup - Onion, Carrot & Bok Choy 10m 10m 43 2g 4g 4g 1g 386mg
Miso Soup - Pumpkin 10m 10m 30 0g 1g 6g 1g 346mg
Miso Soup - Shiitake Noodle 10m 15m 219 1g 9g 55g 5g 474mg
Miso Soup - Shiro Tofu & Carrot 10m 15m 159 8g 19g 10g 4g 252mg
Miso Soup - Shiro Vegetable 5m 15m 43 1g 3g 7g 3g 337mg
Miso Soup - Tofu 10m 10m 77 3g 7g 6g 1g 469mg
Miso Soup with Dried Tofu and Vegetables 10m 20m 73 3g 9g 14g 8g 347mg
Miso Soup with Mochi Dumplings 5m 10m 142 2g 3g 31g 2g 428mg
Miso Soup- Five Minute 2m 3m 16 1g 1g 2g 1g 449mg
Miso Tahini Orange Dressing 5m 0m 56 4g 2g 4g 1g 96mg
Miso Tahini Orange Salad Dressing with Ginger 5m 0m 71 5g 3g 6g 1g 220mg
Miso Tahini Spread 5m 5m 125 10g 4g 6g 1g 139mg
Miso Tahini Stuffed Dates 15m 0m 47 2g 1g 7g 1g 46mg
Miso Vegetable Soup with Mekabu 15m 20m 62 1g 4g 11g 5g 693mg
Miso Walnut Spread 10m 5m 43 4g 2g 2g 1g 163mg
Mocha Custard with Strawberry & Blueberry Sauce 1h 20m 193 2g 4g 39g 3g 86mg
Mochi - Pan Toasted 5m 10m 21 2g 3g 27g 2g 338mg
Mochi Crackers with Grape Butter 10m 15m 258 2g 4g 59g 2g 0mg
Mochi Maple Pistacho Puffs 5m 10m 320 9g 6g 56g 3g 44mg
Mochi Puffs - Deep Fried 5m 5m 17 9g 3g 26g 1g 335mg
Mochi Stuffed Cabbage Rolls 20m 10m 9 1g 1g 15g 2g 8mg
Mochi Stuffed Chinese Cabbage 5m 5m 4 1g 2g 26g 2g 2mg
Mochi Waffle with Fruit Butter 5m 5m 160 1g 2g 36g 2g 0mg
Mochi Waffle with Strawberry Syrup 10m 10m 61 1g 2g 40g 3g 4mg
Mochi with Nori & Shoyu - Pan Fried 5m 10m 56 6g 3g 25g 2g 344mg
MU 16 Herb Tea 2m 10m 0 0g 0g 0g 0g 7mg
MU 16 Herb Tea with Apple Juice 2m 10m 80 0g 0g 23g 0g 0mg
Mung Bean Noodle Salad with Mekabu 15m 10m 190 4g 1g 35g 1g 679mg
Mung Bean Pasta Vegetable Basket 20m 10m 280 6g 9g 49g 3g 668mg
Mung Bean Pasta with Arame 10m 5m 170 3g 2g 34g 7g 410mg
Mushroom Consommé 8h 10m 2h 16 0g 8g 27g 17g 371mg
Mushroom Gravy 10m 20m 106 5g 7g 9g 4g 211mg
Mushroom Polenta with Spaghetti Sauce 1h 25m 25m 245 5g 10g 57g 16g 330mg
Mushroom Risotto 20m 10m 133 2g 5g 29g 7g 162mg
Mushroom Sauté with Lemon and Parsley 20m 20m 229 7g 9g 47g 15g 119mg
Mushroom Stroganoff 20m 35m 331 9g 19g 45g 5g 238mg
Mushroom Tetrazzini (pasta with mushroom sauce) 30m 45m 354 7g 17g 71g 12g 363mg
Mushroom Veggie Calzone 2h 15m 20m 403 13g 13g 76g 20g 290mg
Navy Bean Dip 10m 2h 64 4g 3g 6g 2g 210mg
New Year's Long Life Soba (Toshi-koshi soba) 5m 20m 221 2g 9g 40g 3g 496mg
Noodle Salad with Sesame Dressing 15m 20m 224 8g 8g 31g 4g 267mg
Noodle Sushi 30m 15m 249 2g 13g 49g 5g 607mg
Noodles & Vegetables with Peanut Sauce 10m 20m 367 13g 15g 45g 5g 302mg
Noodles and Broth with Stir Fried Vegetables & Spicy Nori 20m 30m 337 7g 17g 60g 13g 944mg
Noodles and Broth with Vegetable Tempura 30m 35m 325 2g 14g 68g 12g 426mg
Noodles with Golden Tofu Nuggets 5m 10m 220 2g 8g 38g 6g 263mg
Noodles with Kombu Bonito Flake Broth 10m 20m 193 1g 8g 37g 5g 468mg
Noodles with Shiitake and Kombu Broth 25m 25m 191 1g 8g 37g 4g 468mg
Oat & Rye Porridge with Fresh Fruit 5m 20m 306 6g 11g 53g 7g 119mg
Onion and Shiitake Pickles 24h 30m 0m 13 0g 2g 6g 3g 250mg
Onion Wakame Casserole 10m 45m 117 6g 4g 14g 4g 296mg
Open Face Tempeh Reuben with Kimchi Kraut 10m 15m 364 17g 24g 34g 3g 807mg
Open Face Tempeh Sandwich with Homemade Mayonnaise 15m 15m 602 46g 19g 32g 7g 635mg
Orange Wakame Salad 1h 10m 0m 87 2g 2g 15g 2g 339mg
Oriental Black Soybean Salad with Sesame Orange Dressing 15m 0m 384 14g 13g 54g 7g 230mg
Oriental Noodle Toss 5m 5m 278 4g 10g 49g 6g 324mg
Oriental Ume Plum Dressing 5m 0m 72 7g 0g 1g 0g 481mg
Oriental Vegetable and Shiitake Stir Fry 15m 15m 163 6g 12g 28g 13g 375mg
Oriental Vegetable Kuzu Sauce & Pasta 15m 30m 220 4g 9g 40g 6g 320mg
Pad Thai (Spicy Thai Rice Noodles) 25m 5m 263 6g 7g 46g 2g 483mg
Pan Seared Tempeh 5m 25m 375 17g 25g 27g 8g 408mg
Pan-Fried Black Soybean Mochi 5m 10m 119 1g 3g 26g 2g 337mg
Parsley Basil Pesto 5m 0m 104 10g 2g 4g 1g 149mg
Parsley Garlic Ribbon Curry 10m 25m 340 10g 14g 49g 4g 207mg
Parsley Garlic Ribbons Alfredo 10m 15m 371 11g 15g 55g 4g 354mg
Parsley Garlic Ribbons with Asparagus & Mushrooms 5m 15m 332 10g 13g 50g 6g 283mg
Pasta & Veggie Stir Fry 20m 10m 240 3g 10g 43g 7g 438mg
Pasta and Garbanzo Bean Salad 10m 10m 271 4g 14g 44g 9g 375mg
Pasta Bean Salad 10m 15m 363 13g 13g 53g 10g 270mg
Pasta Presto 5m 10m 252 7g 9g 39g 3g 329mg
Pasta Vegetable Soup 10m 40m 306 6g 11g 53g 10g 436mg
Pasta White Bean Salad 5m 10m 409 9g 17g 68g 13g 506mg
Pasta with Herbs 10m 20m 425 9g 14g 74g 9g 270mg
Pasta with Mushroom Sauce 25m 20m 323 7g 17g 66g 13g 231mg
Pasta with Ume Plum Vinaigrette 10m 10m 243 9g 9g 31g 5g 240mg
Pasta with White Sauce 10m 20m 381 14g 14g 52g 4g 304mg
Peach Berry Kanten 1h 10m 10m 53 0g 0g 15g 2g 29mg
Peach Cherry Kanten 1h 30m 10m 168 1g 1g 40g 3g 69mg
Peach Strawberry Pie 20m 35m 267 10g 4g 45g 6g 176mg
Peach Strawberry Tart 20m 35m 267 10g 4g 45g 6g 176mg
Pecan Pie 1h 20m 30m 390 24g 5g 42g 2g 72mg
Pecan Praline Candy 40m 5m 176 10g 2g 21g 1g 117mg
Picante Red Sauce 5m 15m 44 1g 3g 7g 2g 334mg
Pineapple Orange Dressing 5m 0m 18 1g 0g 2g 0g 85mg
Pineapple Pizza 0m 0m 149 2g 4g 26g 4g 203mg
Pinto Bean Dip - Spicy 5m 0m 36 0g 2g 7g 2g 77mg
Pinto Dip - Spicy 10m 0m 103 0g 6g 18g 6g 245mg
Pinto Salad - Southwestern Style 15m 3m 259 14g 8g 31g 9g 549mg
Pistachio, Basil and Parsley Pesto 10m 0m 135 12g 3g 6g 2g 227mg
Pita Pocket with Hummus & Veggies 10m 5m 448 13g 19g 68g 13g 900mg
Plantains with Caribbean Black Beans and Salsa 10m 15m 394 7g 12g 85g 13g 424mg
Plum Vinaigrette 5m 0m 56 6g 0g 2g 0g 183mg
Polenta with Maitake & Shiitake Marinara Sauce 25m 25m 286 9g 12g 59g 20g 394mg
Polenta with Shiitake White Sauce 1h 30m 20m 249 6g 12g 61g 18g 256mg
Popcorn - Shoyu Seasoned 5m 7m 95 16g 2g 11g 3g 249mg
Popcorn - Ume Seasoned 5m 7m 86 16g 1g 10g 3g 225mg
Popcorn with Eden Shake 5m 7m 55 16g 1g 10g 6g 75mg
Portuguese Bread Soup 25m 35m 77 1g 3g 14g 3g 334mg
Pressed Salad 2h 10m 0m 21 0g 1g 4g 2g 221mg
Pressed Salad with Dulse & Ume Vinegar 1h 10m 0m 70 3g 3g 7g 5g 716mg
Presto Pasta with Nori Krinkles 10m 10m 266 7g 9g 41g 3g 326mg
Pumpkin Pie 35m 25m 341 9g 5g 61g 4g 362mg
Pumpkin Seed Dressing 5m 5m 108 8g 6g 3g 3g 360mg
Pumpkin Seed Salsa 10m 20m 55 4g 2g 3g 2g 80mg
Pumpkin Tarts 35m 25m 341 9g 5g 61g 4g 362mg
Quick & Easy Bean Salad 10m 0m 253 15g 7g 22g 5g 260mg
Quick Black Soybean Salsa 10m 0m 63 2g 5g 8g 4g 148mg
Quick Fried Rice & Beans 5m 10m 193 4g 4g 35g 3g 127mg
Quick Frijole - Mexican Pinto Beans 10m 25m 159 3g 8g 27g 8g 198mg
Quick Rice Roll with Daikon Pickle 7m 0m 241 2g 6g 49g 7g 184mg
Quick Rice Roll with Ginger Pickles 7m 0m 194 3g 4g 39g 6g 169mg
Quick Shiitake Marinara 10m 20m 116 5g 4g 16g 5g 316mg
Quinoa Black Soybean Tabbouleh 15m 20m 556 25g 30g 61g 26g 222mg
Quinoa Blueberry Salad 20m 15m 267 8g 11g 37g 12g 323mg
Quinoa Casserole 10m 45m 150 3g 6g 24g 9g 193mg
Quinoa Cherry Salad with Garbanzo Beans & Pumpkin Seeds 45m 15m 443 17g 17g 53g 16g 406mg
Quinoa Jambalaya 20m 25m 209 6g 12g 32g 12g 215mg
Quinoa Navy Bean Salad 10m 15m 394 9g 16g 63g 12g 394mg
Quinoa Olive Medley 15m 20m 269 12g 9g 33g 12g 408mg
Quinoa Pudding 5m 25m 349 9g 14g 53g 12g 147mg
Quinoa Salad with Asparagus and Fresh Basil 5m 20m 355 12g 13g 49g 18g 233mg
Quinoa Stuffed Acorn Squash 15m 45m 591 14g 23g 97g 29g 221mg
Quinoa Stuffed Red Peppers 10m 40m 405 10g 17g 68g 19g 235mg
Quinoa Tabbouleh 15m 20m 287 17g 9g 24g 10g 442mg
Quinoa Tabouli Salad 10m 20m 199 6g 7g 29g 11g 215mg
Quinoa Vegetable Salad 10m 15m 381 10g 15g 60g 19g 400mg
Quinoa Veggie Salad with Mint and Pine Nuts 10m 20m 182 8g 8g 22g 10g 186mg
Quinoa with Black Soybeans 10m 20m 386 13g 19g 48g 21g 201mg
Quinoa with Shiitake Gravy 10m 40m 216 4g 9g 36g 14g 284mg
Quinoa with Spicy Chili Beans 10m 15m 340 7g 15g 50g 18g 389mg
Quinoa with Spicy Pinto Beans 10m 15m 233 5g 10g 37g 12g 185mg
Quinoa with Spicy Pintos 10m 15m 336 7g 13g 53g 18g 344mg
Quinoa, Sauerkraut & Bean Soup 20m 35m 146 3g 6g 24g 9g 670mg
Raw Nori Maki (Sushi Roll) 20m 0m 146 12g 4g 9g 5g 215mg
Red Pepper Miso Sauce 5m 10m 100 5g 4g 12g 3g 326mg
Red Quinoa with Black Soybeans 5m 20m 355 10g 19g 48g 21g 194mg
Red Radish Delight 5m 5m 41 0g 1g 9g 3g 491mg
Red Radishes In Ume Plum Kuzu Sauce 5m 5m 13 0g 0g 3g 1g 368mg
Refried Pinto Beans 5m 25m 169 3g 8g 26g 8g 257mg
Refrigerator Dill Pickles 25h 5m 6 0g 0g 1g 0g 178mg
Ribbon Pasta in Creamy Miso Alfredo Sauce 10m 20m 317 9g 13g 47g 3g 332mg
Ribbon Pasta with Mushrooms and Basil Walnut Pesto 20m 35m 480 25g 16g 62g 13g 361mg
Ribbon Pasta with Mushrooms and Escarole 10m 25m 297 9g 12g 50g 9g 131mg
Ribbon Pasta with Pesto 10m 7m 421 23g 13g 44g 3g 235mg
Ribbon Pasta with Sunflower Seed Pesto 5m 10m 422 16g 12g 60g 8g 118mg
Rice & Red Quinoa 10m 20m 249 1g 5g 54g 3g 90mg
Rice & Red Quinoa California Roll (reverse sushi) 40m 20m 302 8g 6g 49g 10g 0mg
Rice & Red Quinoa Sushi 1h 20m 289 9g 6g 49g 7g 372mg
Rice and Barley with Mushrooms 30m 1h 286 7g 10g 66g 18g 104mg
Rice Ball (Onigiri) - Nori Sea Vegetable 15m 0m 125 1g 3g 25g 3g 259mg
Rice Balls (Onigiri) - Pan Fried 10m 10m 203 8g 2g 25g 7g 368mg
Rice Balls (Onigiri) - Sesame 10m 0m 120 1g 2g 20g 8g 264mg
Rice Pasta with Sweet & Sour Vegetables 15m 15m 426 9g 12g 73g 6g 573mg
Rigatoni Pasta Salad 15m 12m 348 12g 9g 49g 6g 177mg
Rigatoni Pasta with Mushroom Marinara 10m 40m 375 9g 14g 59g 16g 466mg
Roasted Asparagus Spears 5m 20m 86 6g 3g 7g 2g 253mg
Roasted Vegetable and Kidney Bean Salad 15m 12m 234 11g 10g 27g 13g 268mg
Russian Dressing 1h 5m 0m 80 6g 0g 1g 0g 314mg
Sauerkraut & Mushroom Soup 20m 30m 89 5g 3g 12g 4g 335mg
Sautéed Buckwheat & Vegetables with Sauerkraut 10m 25m 245 8g 6g 36g 7g 0mg
Scalloped Potatoes 25m 45m 155 5g 6g 24g 2g 270mg
Scarlet Quinoa 10m 15m 186 6g 4g 29g 4g 317mg
Scrambled Tofu 10m 12m 169 10g 15g 6g 1g 184mg
Seitan (Wheat Meat) 30m 35m 390 2g 16g 83g 14g 395mg
Senate Bean Soup 10m 25m 317 2g 16g 62g 15g 288mg
Sesame Orange Vinaigrette 5m 0m 133 9g 1g 12g 0g 171mg
Sesame Pasta with Vegetables 15m 10m 289 9g 10g 43g 4g 600mg
Sesame Rye Crackers 10m 40m 152 6g 3g 18g 6g 85mg
Sesame Stir Fried Udon 10m 10m 241 5g 8g 38g 3g 329mg
Sesame Tofu with Mung Bean Pasta 10m 20m 241 8g 13g 30g 1g 317mg
Sesame Ume Dressing 10m 5m 30 2g 1g 2g 0g 156mg
Shepherd's Pie 20m 35m 280 3g 12g 64g 11g 276mg
Shiitake and Vegetable Pickles 24h 30m 0m 14 0g 2g 6g 3g 250mg
Shiitake Brown Gravy 25m 10m 59 4g 2g 5g 2g 125mg
Shiitake Mushroom Garlic Gravy 15m 15m 26 1g 1g 4g 2g 135mg
Shiitake Mushroom Gravy 20m 15m 49 1g 2g 9g 3g 279mg
Shiitake, Maitake and Spinach Turnovers 35m 30m 89 5g 2g 12g 3g 70mg
Sliced Shiitake Mushroom Gravy 10m 25m 16 1g 3g 10g 7g 110mg
Smoky Black Turtle Bean Soup 15m 1h 40m 289 6g 16g 46g 23g 355mg
Soba and Vegetable Aspic 2h 15m 218 1g 8g 42g 6g 313mg
Soba in Spicy Wasabi Broth 5m 20m 237 2g 9g 45g 4g 610mg
Soba Noodle & Vegetable Salad with Shoyu Ginger Dressing 25m 10m 262 7g 14g 36g 4g 294mg
Soba Noodle & Veggie Stir-Fry 15m 20m 78 4g 3g 6g 1g 590mg
Soba Noodle Bowl 0m 0m 383 12g 18g 53g 9g 776mg
Soba Noodle Salad 20m 10m 314 7g 17g 44g 3g 581mg
Soba Noodles for Sushi 5m 10m 200 2g 8g 38g 2g 77mg
Soba Noodles in Dashi Broth 10m 20m 255 3g 12g 51g 11g 490mg
Soba Noodles with Ginger Vinaigrette 10m 10m 245 7g 8g 38g 2g 275mg
Soba Noodles with Tofu, Mushrooms and Nori 15m 20m 443 19g 24g 43g 3g 640mg
Soba Primavera 20m 20m 279 8g 12g 43g 4g 352mg
Soba Sensation 5m 15m 213 2g 10g 40g 2g 386mg
Soba Stir Fry 10m 20m 396 15g 28g 60g 15g 462mg
Soba Vegetable Stir Fry 20m 35m 334 6g 14g 58g 10g 512mg
Spaghetti Salad 10m 15m 251 1g 13g 48g 8g 245mg
Spaghetti with Brussel Sprouts & Cranberries 15m 10m 259 6g 10g 46g 8g 351mg
Spaghetti with Chunky Vegetable Ragu 15m 45m 362 8g 15g 58g 12g 360mg
Spaghetti with Hot Pepper Peanut Sauce 12m 12m 388 10g 17g 59g 11g 495mg
Spaghetti with Maitake Vegetabe Ragu 15m 45m 121 7g 11g 56g 12g 537mg
Spaghetti with Peanut Mustard Pesto 5m 15m 405 18g 16g 46g 9g 228mg
Spanish Rice & Pinto Beans 20m 1h 267 9g 5g 45g 7g 387mg
Spelt & Buckwheat Gemelli Pasta Salad 10m 10m 352 14g 8g 49g 6g 328mg
Spelt & Dried Mushroom Risotto 30m 1h 20m 258 1g 14g 54g 13g 299mg
Spelt Ribbon Mushroom Stroganoff 15m 20m 408 16g 27g 51g 12g 417mg
Spelt Ribbon Pasta with Mushrooms and Escarole 10m 25m 297 9g 12g 50g 9g 131mg
Spelt Udon & Vegetable Stir Fry 15m 10m 257 7g 11g 44g 8g 508mg
Spelt Udon and Broth with Nori 20m 20m 208 1g 9g 39g 4g 557mg
Spiced Green Tea Over Rice 5m 3m 222 2g 5g 46g 4g 189mg
Spicy Asian Pasta 10m 15m 250 8g 11g 36g 6g 439mg
Spicy Bean Tacos with Tofu Sour Cream 10m 20m 384 9g 16g 58g 12g 493mg
Spicy Black Soybean Hummus 5m 0m 92 5g 4g 9g 3g 142mg
Spicy Four Bean Chili 10m 30m 351 6g 22g 55g 18g 480mg
Spicy Ginger Glazed Pineapple 0m 0m 237 11g 1g 37g 3g 103mg
Spicy Miso Marinade 5m 0m 10 0g 1g 1g 0g 271mg
Spinach for Sushi 5m 2m 36 0g 2g 8g 2g 172mg
Spinach Oshitashi 35m 5m 43 0g 3g 8g 3g 576mg
Spinach Ribbon Mushroom Stroganoff 15m 20m 408 16g 27g 51g 12g 417mg
Spinach with Mirin Dressing 40m 5m 38 0g 3g 7g 3g 461mg
Spiral Pasta Bean Salad 5m 10m 409 9g 17g 68g 13g 506mg
Squash Aspic 1h 20m 10m 83 0g 2g 20g 4g 243mg
Stewed Pears 5m 10m 93 0g 1g 24g 3g 35mg
Stir Fried Soba Noodles with Burdock 10m 20m 332 12g 9g 48g 4g 191mg
Stuffed Mushrooms 20m 25m 268 11g 10g 35g 5g 446mg
Summer Black Eyed Peas 1h 10m 0m 162 5g 7g 25g 5g 148mg
Sunflower Seed Pesto 5m 0m 100 13g 2g 4g 1g 143mg
Sushi Rice - Vinegared White 20m 20m 308 0g 5g 69g 2g 81mg
Sweet & Sour Ditalini Pasta Bean Salad 20m 10m 412 9g 18g 66g 15g 277mg
Sweet & Sour Flax Rice Spiral Pasta Salad 10m 15m 461 11g 20g 74g 15g 315mg
Sweet & Sour Pasta Salad - Three Bean 10m 10m 353 8g 14g 57g 10g 372mg
Sweet & Sour Pasta Salad - Two Bean 10m 10m 465 11g 19g 76g 14g 497mg
Sweet Aduki Beans & Mochi 5m 25m 177 1g 10g 60g 7g 125mg
Sweet Aduki Beans with Shaved Ice & Matcha 10m 15m 121 0g 3g 26g 2g 49mg
Sweet and Sour Boiled Cabbage 2m 15m 16 0g 1g 4g 1g 367mg
Sweet and Sour Onion & Shiitake Pickles 8h 10m 10m 38 0g 1g 6g 1g 400mg
Sweet and Sour Pickled Daikon Radish 1h 5m 0m 36 0g 0g 8g 0g 400mg
Sweet and Sour Tofu & Vegetables 20m 15m 171 4g 11g 24g 3g 412mg
Sweet and Sour Vegetables with Pasta 10m 10m 420 18g 14g 56g 5g 355mg
Sweet and Spicy Marinade 5m 0m 97 7g 1g 8g 0g 401mg
Sweet and Spicy Thai Dressing 5m 0m 90 4g 1g 12g 0g 249mg
Sweet Black Soybeans 5m 10m 163 7g 13g 16g 8g 90mg
Sweet Dried Daikon for Sushi 5m 15m 59 0g 1g 13g 2g 145mg
Sweet Ginger Pickles for Sushi 8h 2m 68 0g 0g 16g 1g 343mg
Sweet Shiitake for Sushi 5m 10m 27 0g 2g 10g 3g 190mg
Sweet, Sour and Spicy Tofu 10m 20m 169 7g 15g 11g 1g 407mg
Tahini Dill Salad Dressing 5m 0m 82 7g 3g 2g 1g 111mg
Tahini Lemon Garlic Dressing 5m 0m 87 7g 3g 5g 1g 68mg
Tamale Pie 15m 45m 281 9g 10g 43g 8g 277mg
Tangy Black Bean Salsa 5m 0m 56 0g 4g 10g 3g 91mg
Temaki (Hand Rolled Cone Sushi) 40m 5m 484 9g 9g 85g 12g 169mg
Tempeh and Sauerkraut Skillet 10m 30m 220 8g 17g 18g 7g 265mg
Tempeh Reuben 5m 20m 451 15g 29g 49g 13g 585mg
Tempeh Sauerkraut Sushi 45m 45m 429 11g 20g 64g 3g 358mg
Teriyaki Sauce - Ginger & Garlic 5m 5m 29 0g 1g 7g 0g 367mg
Teriyaki Sauce - Maple Syrup 5m 0m 117 4g 1g 18g 0g 565mg
Teriyaki Sauce - Spicy 4h 0m 17 0g 1g 4g 0g 428mg
Teriyaki Tofu Slices 20m 6m 172 9g 15g 6g 0g 700mg
Thai Pasta Salad 1h 10m 10m 204 2g 8g 37g 4g 137mg
Thai Style Twisted Pair Gemelli Pasta Salad 10m 10m 363 15g 12g 48g 8g 176mg
Three Fruit Pie 25m 35m 284 15g 2g 40g 5g 149mg
Three Taste Sauce, Dressing or Marinade 5m 0m 8 0g 0g 2g 0g 231mg
Tofu Cheese - Genmai Miso 35m 0m 24 1g 2g 1g 0g 50mg
Tofu Cheese - Shiro Miso 35m 0m 28 1g 2g 2g 0g 30mg
Tofu Cream Dressing 5m 0m 65 3g 7g 2g 0g 98mg
Tofu French Toast 5m 15m 287 8g 20g 34g 2g 429mg
Tofu Lasagna 20m 45m 243 7g 14g 31g 4g 323mg
Tofu Mayonnaise 5m 0m 70 6g 4g 1g 0g 123mg
Tofu Mushroom Dumplings 30m 20m 150 4g 11g 22g 3g 398mg
Tofu Ricotta 5m 0m 121 6g 15g 3g 0g 327mg
Tofu Ricotta Stuffed Shells 30m 40m 151 7g 11g 13g 2g 319mg
Tofu Sandwich with Miso Mustard 10m 10m 317 11g 23g 34g 7g 482mg
Tofu Sour Cream with Dill 5m 0m 65 3g 7g 2g 0g 98mg
Tofu Stuffed Cucumbers 10m 0m 180 11g 17g 8g 2g 319mg
Tofu Vegetable Pie 15m 1h 168 9g 14g 11g 2g 200mg
Tofu Wasabi Dip 10m 0m 129 7g 14g 2g 0g 205mg
Tofu with Scallions, Ginger & Bonito Flakes 5m 0m 127 6g 15g 2g 0g 265mg
Tofu, Maitake & Shiitake Sauté 25m 15m 208 9g 24g 34g 20g 254mg
Tomato Bean Gazpacho 1h 0m 145 1g 9g 23g 7g 547mg
Toss Salad with Hiziki and Italian Dressing 15m 10m 254 22g 2g 13g 3g 398mg
Tossed Salad with Italian Dressing 15m 0m 191 14g 2g 13g 2g 388mg
Tossed Salad with Sesame Ume Dressing 20m 0m 117 8g 5g 9g 4g 433mg
Triple Soy Salad 45m 0m 158 7g 14g 8g 5g 408mg
Twisted Pair Pasta with Creamy White Sauce 10m 15m 352 11g 13g 52g 6g 566mg
Twisted Pair Vegetable Stir Fry 15m 10m 349 11g 14g 50g 8g 145mg
Twisted Pair with Dulse Pesto 10m 10m 362 17g 12g 45g 6g 101mg
Twisted Pair with Mushroom Marinara 10m 40m 375 9g 14g 59g 16g 466mg
Two Bean Alphabet Pasta Fagioli (Pasta & Bean Soup) 10m 30m 220 4g 10g 34g 9g 168mg
Two Bean Spicy Chili Corn Bread Pie 15m 25m 287 5g 11g 51g 11g 472mg
Two Mushroom Marinara 10m 30m 129 5g 4g 19g 7g 316mg
Udon & Hiziki Vegetable Salad 1h 10m 20m 237 7g 9g 35g 6g 413mg
Udon & Portabella Mushroom Stir Fry 5m 20m 284 7g 13g 43g 4g 434mg
Udon Chow Mein 15m 25m 214 2g 9g 42g 5g 407mg
Udon Miso Soup 25m 10m 296 6g 18g 44g 6g 526mg
Udon Noodle Salad with Mekabu 15m 15m 218 5g 7g 36g 5g 914mg
Udon Pasta Salad 5m 10m 324 11g 13g 39g 3g 671mg
Udon with Basil Pine Nut Pesto 10m 15m 303 12g 12g 39g 3g 56mg
Udon with Mushroom Marinara 10m 35m 377 9g 17g 65g 18g 571mg
Ume Red Radish Pickles 24h 5m 0m 6 0g 0g 1g 0g 485mg
Umeboshi Brine Pickles 24h 20m 0m 5 0g 0g 1g 0g 278mg
Umeboshi Plum Dressing 5m 0m 8 0g 0g 2g 0g 379mg
Umeboshi Tahini Dressing 5m 0m 93 7g 3g 6g 1g 436mg
Vegetable & Seitan Kebobs 25m 5m 199 8g 6g 29g 1g 467mg
Vegetable and Mung Bean Pasta Skillet 20m 10m 236 0g 3g 56g 5g 400mg
Vegetable Bean Medley 5m 15m 163 3g 7g 27g 8g 381mg
Vegetable Chowder 15m 25m 159 2g 7g 30g 4g 374mg
Vegetable Hiziki Salad with Tofu Garlic Dressing 10m 10m 85 3g 9g 6g 3g 260mg
Vegetable Pot Pie 30m 35m 495 26g 13g 64g 13g 292mg
Vegetable Rolls 15m 7m 37 0g 3g 7g 4g 241mg
Vegetable Stir Fry 20m 30m 120 4g 9g 21g 7g 184mg
Vegetable Sushi 20m 5m 75 2g 4g 12g 5g 220mg
Vegetable Tempura 30m 30m 137 1g 4g 30g 9g 173mg
Vegetables with Ponzu Sauce 10m 15m 70 3g 3g 9g 3g 469mg
Vegetarian Mincemeat (No Meat) Pie 40m 1h 420 12g 5g 88g 7g 337mg
Vegetarian Paella 20m 1h 501 8g 15g 98g 18g 366mg
Vegetarian Sloppy Joe's 15m 1h 487 9g 19g 94g 12g 372mg
Veggie & Rye Flake Salad 10m 6m 203 6g 7g 31g 6g 463mg
Vinegared Daikon Pickles 24h 0m 7 0g 0g 1g 0g 252mg
Wakame and Tangerines 1h 10m 0m 48 0g 0g 11g 6g 173mg
Wakame Mixed Fruit Salad 1h 10m 160 3g 2g 34g 4g 68mg
Waldorf Salad 20m 0m 109 6g 4g 10g 2g 146mg
Walnut Miso Condiment 5m 5m 35 3g 2g 1g 0g 136mg
Wasabi Asparagus Spears 5m 15m 15 1g 1g 2g 1g 113mg
Wasabi Dip Sauce for Sushi 3m 5m 4 0g 0g 0g 0g 257mg
Wasabi Marinade 5m 0m 123 11g 1g 6g 0g 410mg
Wasabi Paste for Sushi 7m 0m 0 0g 0g 0g 0g 0mg
Watercress with Oshitashi Dressing 25m 5m 30 0g 2g 6g 2g 450mg
Wheat Balls (Seitan) 15m 30m 217 2g 9g 45g 8g 274mg
White Bean and Wild Rice Soup 20m 1h 5m 190 8g 6g 25g 6g 197mg
White Bean Hummus 5m 0m 113 5g 6g 14g 4g 234mg
White Bean Minestrone Soup 10m 30m 210 4g 10g 35g 8g 341mg
White Bean Vegetable Stew 15m 30m 152 4g 7g 28g 11g 252mg
White Bean, Basil and Artichoke Salad 10m 0m 163 4g 9g 26g 9g 303mg
White Kidney Bean & Rice Soup 15m 40m 136 4g 5g 24g 5g 262mg
White Miso Basil Pesto 10m 3m 149 15g 4g 4g 1g 104mg
White Sauce 5m 20m 80 4g 4g 8g 0g 242mg
White Sushi Rice 15m 20m 372 0g 6g 82g 3g 101mg
Whole Grain Bread Stuffing 10m 35m 249 6g 11g 40g 9g 251mg
Whole Grain Udon with Pickled Ginger 10m 10m 240 3g 10g 44g 6g 344mg
Whole Onions with Kuzu Gravy 5m 20m 68 0g 2g 15g 3g 159mg
Whole Tomato Rigatoni Pasta 5m 20m 299 6g 13g 63g 15g 242mg
Wild Rice Pilaf with Dried Cranberries & Roasted Pecans 25m 30m 351 13g 7g 55g 6g 709mg
Wild Rice Salad 25m 30m 405 15g 12g 59g 8g 709mg
Wild Rice with Shiitake, Dried Fruit & Walnuts 10m 1h 370 12g 9g 68g 10g 95mg
Wild Yam Soba & Veggie Stir Fry 10m 22m 387 12g 20g 50g 5g 1038mg
Winter Udon (Kitsune Udon) 30m 15m 352 15g 14g 42g 7g 410mg
Won Ton Wrappers - No Egg 30m 0m 86 0g 3g 20g 4g 5mg
Yin & Yang Noodle Sushi (Two Color) 30m 15m 222 2g 10g 42g 4g 368mg
Zesty Kuzu Pasta 10m 20m 247 5g 5g 46g 6g 353mg