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Popular Tea Brands Found to Contain Illegal Amounts of Harmful Toxins (Avoid These Brands)
Collective Evolution
27 September 2016

Eden Ume Plum Vinegar Awarded 2016 Best Bite Award
Grocery Headquarters
8 September 2016

Stanford Researcher Confirms Link Between Canned Food, Harmful Chemical
The Stanford Daily
27 July 2016

5 Food Manufacturers You Can Trust
Mother Earth Living
1 May 2016

BPA Buyer Beware Report
Breast Cancer Fund
8 April 2016

Two Out of Three Food Cans Tested Have Toxic BPA in the Linings, New Report Says
Breast Cancer Fund
30 March 2016

Update: Who Owns Organic Chart Reflects Further Organic Consolidation
The Cornucopia Institute
26 January 2016

Is the Organic Label Worth Saving?
The Cornucopia Institute
29 September 2015

19 Organic Food Organizations and Businesses Working to Protect Consumers and the Global Environment
Food Tank
14 September 2015

The State of Non-GMO
Whole Foods Magazine
11 September 2015

Eden Foods Interview
Change The Menu
17 June 2015

At Least 110 Canned Food Brands Refuse to Give Up BPA
Rodale Wellness
2 June 2015

Eight Great Grains You Should Know
Whole Foods Magazine
19 June 2014

Natural Products Expo: Eden Foods
World Lifestyle
27 September 2013

Biotech Attack GMO Labeling in WA - Organic Brands Hide Behind Lobby Group
The Cornucopia Institute
12 September 2013

FDA Puts Industry Profit Over Public Health - Defends Safety of Controversial Food Additive
The Cornucopia Institute
17 March 2013

Iconic Organic Industry Giants Missing in Action
The Cornucopia Institute
12 September 2012

Friends and Enemies of Your Right to Know
Organic Consumers Association
23 August 2012

Michael Potter on Jordanna Green Show
CBS Radio - WCCO (Minneapolis)
10 July 2012

Has 'Organic' Been Oversized?
The New York Times
7 July 2012

Michael Potter: Why Eden chooses not to use the USDA Organic Label
Food Nation Radio Network
5 June 2012

Eden Foods Offers Tasty Summer Recipes
Homefront - Summer 2012
1 June 2012

Eden Foods Keeps on Growing
Corp Magazine
26 April 2012

Michael Potter: GMOs and Organic Sustainability
The Organic View
13 February 2012

Michael Potter: GMO Labeling-Whats Really Behind The Label?
The Organic View
20 October 2011

Unwavering Ideals: Commitment to Quality Drives Eden Foods Founder [pdf]
Acres USA
1 March 2011

Pasta by Hand [pdf]
Edible WOW
1 January 2011

Michael Potter on Food Integrity Now
Food Integrity Now
23 October 2010

Michael Potter Discusses the Non-GMO Project
The Organic View
21 October 2010

Five Ways to Realize Profits and Mission
Harvard Business Review
2 October 2009

State agriculture department head pays visit to Eden Foods
The Tecumseh Herald
17 September 2009

'Non-GMO' Seal Identifies Foods Mostly Biotech-Free
The New York Times
28 August 2009

Organic foods: Big companies swoop in to capitalize on lucrative market
Chicago Tribune
19 August 2009

Eden Foods: A BPA-Free Pioneer
EWG Enviroblog
14 July 2009

New Report: Many Organic Soy Food Brands Importing Beans From China
The Cornucopia Institute
18 May 2009

Kicking a Chemical Out of Cans
Michigan Radio
20 March 2009

Eden Organic Red Quinoa Wins Trailblazer Award
Grocery Headquarters
1 January 2009

Only Two Companies in US Confirm Using BPA-Free Cans
Natural News
19 December 2008

Michael Potter - Natural Products Expo West Interview
Richard Gant
28 April 2008

Natural edibles firm Eden Foods constructs 'green' warehouse
Ann Arbor Business Review
27 March 2008

Taster's Choice: Eden Organic Applesauce
San Francisco Chronicle
26 March 2008

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