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Eden Teas and Infusions

Are Eden teas organic?
All Eden boxed and loose teas are organic with two exceptions: Lotus Root Tea Powder and Mu 16 Herb Tea are not organic.

Do Eden teas contain caffeine?
Our traditional Japanese green and twig teas do contain caffeine, but they are all lower than that found in brewed coffee. Sencha, Sencha Rose, Sencha Mint and Sencha Ginger all contain 41% less caffeine than regular brewed coffee; Genmaicha 80% less; Hojicha and Hojicha Chai 67% less; and Kukicha 90% less. Eden Organic Matcha, powder green tea contains half the caffeine of brewed coffee.

Do you have any caffeine free teas?
Yes, Eden Organic Chamomile Tea, Lotus Root Tea and MU 16 Tea are caffeine free.

Are Eden's tea bags bleached and do they contain any animal by-products like glue?
Eden's teabags are oxygen washed manila fiber bags, not chlorine bleached, and they are crimp sealed with a 100% unbleached cotton string. No bleach, plastics, staples or glue are used.

What is the difference between green tea and herbal teas?
All 'true' teas stem from the same plant, Camellia sinensis, and become green, black, or other types depending on time of harvest, curing method and how they are processed. Herbal teas do not contain tea leaves from Camellia sinensis, and are made using a wide variety of edible plant leaves, stems, flowers, bark, peels and roots. True teas contain caffeine; herbal teas are usually caffeine free. True teas are steeped in hot water and never boiled. Herbal teas are boiled in water thereby infusing the water with their flavor; and are often referred to as herbal infusions.

Eden Organic Sencha Mint, Organic Sencha Rose and Organic Sencha Ginger are a combination of true tea, sencha and herbs. Eden Organic Sencha, Organic Hojicha and Organic Kukicha Twig Tea are true teas. Eden Organic Hojicha Chai is a true tea with organic spices. They all contain some caffeine. Eden Organic Chamomile, MU 16 and Lotus Root Powder are herbal teas, and do not contain caffeine.

Where are Eden Organic Teas from?
Eden organic green, roasted green and twig teas come from centuries old family tea plantations near Uji, Japan. This is the most famous and beloved Japanese tea producing area. Over 1,000 years ago the first tea seedlings from China were planted in Uji's rich, slightly acidic soil, which is ideal for growing tea. Tea from Uji is considered the best in Japan and respectfully referred to as Uji-cha. Eden Organic Matcha powder green tea is also from Japan.

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