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Insights Into Biodynamic Farming and Farm Products

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25 February 2003

with permission of the Demeter Association, Inc.

  • "Biodynamic" is the name given to a system of farming based on lectures of Austrian Rudolf Steiner in the 1920s.
  • The name signifies a living, dynamic interaction of biological systems.
  • The plant environment is considered to be not just soil, but a whole dynamic community, including subtle energies which come to earth from the cosmos.
  • Ideally the farm is a total self-sufficient organism.
  • A balance of nature's kingdoms is sought so that all things co-exist in harmony.
  • Plant, animal and mineral materials are composted before use.
  • Special preparations described by Rudolf Steiner "wake up" the plants to the subtle positive energies that surround them.
  • These special preparations bring a profound healing to the Earth.
  • The result is true food which will nourish body and spirit.
  • For the farmer, biodynamics represents a schooling in a deeper comprehension of Nature's ways. There are 44 Demeter certified Biodynamic farms in the U.S. and Mexico.
  • Demeter organizations exist for the purpose of certifying Biodynamic® farm practices. They also offers an "Aurora Certified Organic" program with enhanced organic standards to recognize farms that are practicing wholistic farm stewardship without making a commitment to Biodynamic agriculture. 'Biodynamic' is a registered certification mark of Demeter Association, Inc.

Inquiries are welcome. Please contact:

Demeter Association, Inc.
Britt Road
Aurora, NY 13026
phone 315 364 5617
fax 315 364 5224
Email: Demeter@baldcom.net

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